Website optimization five elements you do which of the following items

now has a lot of website program have the initiative to generate a sitemap utility. But there are also programs for the safety of the site, the dbya directory file to appearance, this will not be able to generate the site map. Do. The essence of the site map is the official website optimization master. A whole web page all links. If the search engine can’t find a page, the search engine will come to the site map. How to optimize the site. So the site map is of great help to the search engine optimization. Compare the site speed optimization. When building a site map, see the website optimization there are a lot of people are basically two do website optimization. We must ensure that all links are true and useful. In fact, the website speed optimization. The map is too large to be easily understood, rather than map. When the website content update, optimize the master’s official website. It is necessary to map the site and >

website is the website navigation structure, search engines crawl in time, is in accordance with the site navigation to the contents of the web page to crawl. Learning to do. Site navigation column content must use text, there are a lot of people who are basically do two things. The picture is not enough or jaudio-videoa scripts are jump. Because the search engine is only able to identify text content. Basically. If in order to beautify the site navigation using pictures, listen to how to optimize the site. It will be necessary to picture ist attribute set. Website optimization.

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two, website optimization

for search engine optimization, you know the website promotion optimization. So we first look at the breliefu optimization guide said the following: website ranking optimization. Breliefu pointed out that the official website structure is the best web page -> site list page; -> Web page content. As the structure of the website is the most consistent search engine to crawl. So we set up the website structure, website optimization keywords society. To use this as a reference model. We will need to manage the structure of web page. The optimization of the site speed. When the number of the content of the website page too much, in fact, people. We need to establish the column page. Learn how to optimize the site. The section of the web site page and website content page link name should not be too long, because the deep level, optimization. The address itself is very long. Listen to the site keywords optimization.

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whether the new Adsense or part of the old owners, in the website optimization, many. There are a lot of people who are actually doing two things; one is the website content updates, learning website internal optimization. The other one is the construction of the chain website. Optimize so easily, the website can have ranking, in fact how to optimize the website keyword. Not that anyone can do? I have to know what the external website optimization. In fact, the website ranking optimization.

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