Operation of RSS a new direction for website promotion

RSS is a way of sharing content between sites, usually we also known as the "polymerization", usually used in news and blog. This order if the site provides RSS output, then the user can directly see the latest updates and dynamic in the client. That is not in the open reading support RSS output website content website content pages. It is a kind of marketing means, now a lot of mainstream support RSS subion blog.

add RSS to your website, the best familiar with the following several of its basic elements, such as mandatory attribute version, is used to specify the current version; the only child elements of the channel, it mainly contains information content websites or columns; and title, the title of the page; link, the website or the column URL and Description: a brief description of the site; or column. There are some other, here is not introduced one by one. Simple in structure and usage we know RSS, you can manually edit RSS in the most commonly used Notepad, here first said adding ideas under static, in the process of adding each line to one correspondence, the focus is part of the text, especially URL, can not be wrong, otherwise mistakes. In addition it is finished, you can keep the file, the suffix for the.Xml format, we will add to the file link on the website, on the obvious position of the head. This website will have your RSS output.

The three advantage of

do stand for a long time, recently found a lot of blog has an RSS feed, before they know it exists, but there is no study. See related posts in the forum today, caused the discussion, so today to summarize the advantages of RSS and practice, let more webmaster understand. It is on the site optimization although there is no direct help, but from the aspects of indirect help website rankings. The following are from the definition of RSS, and how to make the three aspects of their own RSS to share, I hope to help the webmaster.

simple RSS based



from Shanghai dragon’s perspective, the advantages of RSS can not be directly realized, but can indirectly influence the web page ranking, and even web traffic. It has the following advantages. First, RSS subscription convenient other site citing your data, this is equivalent to the external links; second, most search engines now began to support the RSS subscription, so this may be calculated as a ranking factor; third, it can more easily search the news search engine index. Is a good way to improve the visibility of the.

How to write RSS

for dynamic program, you need to convert the content through the program. You can download the conversion template, but generally need to modify the database part of the data link. Including.

Before the

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