On my website PR to experience 6

4, I think it is a critical moment. This time we can exchange with PR5. But the PR5 webmaster. Unless it is garbage station. If it is normal station are arrogant. They rarely exchange with you. However, we can choose some major sites of the two level domain name. So I had to engage in, for the more than 30 PR5. and PR updates naturally to 5.

is now in fact many owners do not PR this thing too rare. After all is the webmaster hand itself has a high N PR website. This is something like PR. Your site is higher, more, more extensive network, it is. Hard as I am. From just entering the Internet is single-handed. What resources are not. Then the one or two sites at hand. How to go up, in fact, is the most difficult. Because you PR0 basic is not trade with you,. Rely on friends, and I don’t have any friends. No money to buy links. Go to the forum what, to improve the PR help is really small.

when I first is to find some of the same is not what PR exchange website. You can find 0. 1-2 website. Then around the point of soft paper. At A5 months of writing a check. Get to the point of the chain of capital. PR update. The 1. followed by 1 to 2 of the exchange. As much as possible to exchange. At the same time, which do your website content. Because I have some of the chain are some games published by the website, to other sites by catch to link to the game player. But the number can also be. One month down to a total of 10. So slowly from 2 to 3. from 3 to 4.

this afternoon, the group opened. PR update. I look, unexpectedly PR6. In fact, this is a surprise. Because I have a long time not how to exchange Links. Of course, my heart is still very happy. Although we say that PR is not important. But who do not want their website PR high point ah.


PR6 said high, said was low, I believe that many webmaster have such a PR website. But also, I believe most of the webmaster is not high PR website. Then I will do a little, I told PR to experience 6.


, if we PR to 5, finally is successful. Now, we should not focus on the link above to exchange. We should do a good job of website content. A lot of the exchange links with some well-known site exchange. Because of you, this time you will find that in fact, many Webmaster Station in addition to PR5, it Nothing is right. So, we can only exchange links with the famous website. Although this is very difficult, but work hard or can be realized. This time we exchange links to pick. At least you have to make sure your website hanging foot 40 PR5 or more links. Then a lot of articles within the chain, do their own website >

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