Electric ceramic stove Shanghai dragon program navigation website

from the traditional view, positioning for navigation, no matter what the site navigation, just a little on the line, as long as the navigation, navigation fix eyes, then probably do a website to sketch, site construction company, let them help us to design the website and build a good.

4, the search engine is how to treat the site navigation.

but we ignore the following points.


3, website navigation is not good, does not comply with the principle of search engine and user experience, it is likely to be included in the landfill site.

1, electric ceramic stove website navigation, can easily locate

is still more than 4 points, kitchen electric ceramic stove small as we prepare several question marks, we can think about these problems, will understand the site navigation order is stresses.

three, how to locate the site navigation


1, the search engine for website navigation is not friendly.

many people think whether ordinary kitchen appliances or small and medium-sized enterprises website, website, website navigation case is "on the business, news, product center, service center, technical support, production base, contact us" we want to understand today is a navigation website of Shanghai electric ceramic stove dragon plan many people generally think that, most of the site navigation is so positioned their own business or personal site navigation station, it is written, why don’t we can write this, why to study website positioning problems, following by love kitchen electric ceramic stove Xiaobian to explain why I in the website of Shanghai Longfeng electric ceramic package emphasized the topic navigation? A discussion about this tangled topic.

, an electric ceramic stove site navigation localization sequence are

2, the user enters the site found can not find what you want, so as to leave the site.

two, electric ceramic stove website navigation positioning casually will produce what kind of consequences

3, electric ceramic stove we site navigation positioning, whether to consider, our website is doing, what profit, who is our target customers, what is our main product or service sales website.

electric ceramic stove website navigation, how should we position the own electric ceramic stove website? We can locate their sites from the following factors.

2, electric ceramic stove can easily make some website navigation navigation directory, regardless of product related or not related.

electric ceramic stoveIn the face of

a lot of people think of others, so positioning your site navigation, I also followed, casually positioning your site navigation will produce what kind of consequences?

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