B2B rapid development of China’s network library or will become sixth listed companies

as one of the many modes of e-commerce B2B in the country after 12 years of development, has now formed a larger scale, there is a blowout trend. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center survey data show that in 2008 China’s e-commerce market turnover reached 3 trillion and 150 billion yuan, of which B2B turnover reached $3 trillion. In the electronic commerce mode in B2B was the earliest and the most rapid development, has given birth to as Alibaba, Netsun (known as the first Internet China shares), HC, global resources and Chinese manufacturing net 5 e-commerce company.

2009 Chinese electronic commerce seems to be B2B years, Tootoo close to let some people assert that China e-commerce will face a reshuffle. However, since the global resources network successfully listed B2B market on the way Piaohong, and recently China made a strong market, in B2B e-commerce industry has set off a great disturbance, a time triggered capital market for B2B e-commerce frenzy. This is a good news from speculation, who will become the sixth won the favor of the capital of B2B e-commerce companies do?

B2B electronic commerce development experienced by Alibaba, Dunhuang network as the representative of the first generation, the second generation of e-commerce, now tend to be from the business model to the concept of innovation, technology is more mature development of the third generation of electronic commerce. With the first and the second generation of B2B e-commerce model is different, the third generation of e-commerce will be led by the traditional enterprise, industry chain integration through information technology, enterprise information flow, business flow and logistics integration. As a representative of the third generation of B2B electronic commerce website, China network library is committed to the traditional enterprises and cooperation in the construction industry, combines the traditional enterprises and e-commerce platform, give full play to the advantages of the Internet in the information service, deeply involved in various industries, the traditional enterprise e-commerce really enter into the practical stage.

after ten years of continuous exploration and precipitation, the Chinese advocate of the third generation of e-commerce, Chinese network library CEO Wang Haibo led the Chinese network library has become a leader in the field of comprehensive B2B e-commerce service platform, the construction industry China network alliance platform data sharing, a matrix type B2B electronic commerce website first the integration of industry chain resources, platform mode and Alibaba similar but unique characteristics. At the same time, China Network Library in the country’s 137 branches to achieve landing services for the Chinese network library member service industry introduction of Dunhuang network payment by transaction commission system model has laid a good foundation. This will achieve a very perfect value of B2B e-commerce services, for the traditional industry to bring better results. It can be said that China has the advantages of the network library has reached the standard to start listing.

in the past 10 years, the core value of B2B e-commerce platform is only to provide information service for the users, this does not cover all the core needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also the most valuable business is not part of the e-commerce services for small and medium sized enterprises. China >

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