[Taobao] dry cargo data analysis 15 problems need to know

a baby search ranking bad how to consider the coping strategies

carefully analyze the following several reasons:

1, keywords not selected, not suitable for baby weight;

2, baby has a bad record;

3, baby Category attribute error;

4, baby search conversion rate is low;

5, baby not to the shelf time

note: a baby keywords ranking need to observe one or two cycles to be able to conclude


two, the shop has not shown how to consider how to respond to the


carefully analyze the following several reasons:

1, keywords are not accurate, the key words do not match with the baby;

2, baby money selection, style buyers do not like;

3, baby pricing, pricing does not meet the buyer’s psychological expectations;

4, baby main map problem, the main figure is not attractive;

5, baby sales problems, baby sales are too low, credibility is not enough;

note: there is no show is exposed in the exposed problem, this is not a bad thing, do not brush but to seriously analyze the data to find the problem.

three, the shop has no conversion should be considered how to deal with the strategy of the following issues:

1, baby master map problem, after the four main diagram is very affected conversion rate;

2, baby sales, sales are too low, but also the lack of credibility of the description;

3, baby evaluation problems, there is no difference in the corresponding explanation;

4, baby details page, the description does not touch the buyer’s mind;

note: think of themselves as buyers, buyers like to see what is the most concerned about what?

four, store traffic decline should consider how to deal with


1, according to the day flow trend, look at the whole month, what changes in traffic, from which day began to decline, is a continuous decline or a sudden situation?

2, traffic source composition, look, free flow, free access, pay traffic, Taobao station a month since the trend, look at what kind of traffic problems?

3, the baby was interviewed ranking, look, the baby was interviewed for details, which is the baby to see the flow problem?

4, if it is found that a certain or a few of the baby’s search traffic out of the question, the analysis of the trend of keywords to see what is the key word problem?

5, take the key to the Taobao index check, see >

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