Taobao shop owner to receive the first business license will be taxed

yesterday, the new policy in Guangdong province to encourage the shop for business registration was promulgated, one from Zhaoqing’s Taobao owner Su Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the province to the province’s first industry association office address. "According to a multi site for business licenses, since this is the first implementation of the new policy, the industrial and commercial registration shop.

shop tax is a trend

Deputy director of the province of

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Qian Yongcheng said that in recent years, online shopping complaints every year more than 150% of the rate increase, false advertising, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, fraud, online marketing has become a major problem of online shopping complaints reflect. Urgent need to regulate network transactions. To this end, the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau made "on a number of opinions" to encourage and support the healthy development of our province network products and related services, and by the provincial Legislative Affairs Office for examination and approval, recently issued a formal implementation.

‘s new deal, the most critical is to relax the shop business registration threshold, designed to guide more online shop to obtain business licenses. In this regard, Xu Yiping, deputy director of the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, deputy director of market regulation, said: the industrial and commercial registration, is the first step in the supervision of the shop. In the online shopping disputes, in many cases, we can not even find the shop where, if there is no business registration will not happen this situation."

industrial and commercial registration, the state is not to taxes for online stores? Xu Yiping said: "the business sector and the tax department exchange mechanism, business registration, tax departments will carry on the supervision. Do not always want to pay taxes is impossible, which is not fair for the physical entity, the trend is certainly a tax on the shop. Prior to the shop does not need to pay taxes to support the state."

Guangdong province

network association secretary general Huang Zirong told reporters, many of the shop is not to lead the business license, but there is no fixed office, can not afford to rent office, not up to the requirements of the industrial and commercial registration.

in order to solve this problem, the opinions on encouraging and supporting the healthy development of network products and related services in Zhejiang Province, the introduction of a number of measures to relax the threshold of online business registration". First of all, the network operators can use the goods or services centralized office area for industrial and commercial registration, allow according to a multi site; commodity trading network only engaged in online business activities and the relevant services, in accordance with the local government on the residence (business premises) the relevant provisions of the premise, can use their own or rent the house as a residence (place of business of the industrial and commercial registration).

Arabia digital business registration

In addition to

, but also to relax the name and business scope restrictions. Goods or services allow network operators use personalized words including its own website Chinese domain, or reflect the operating characteristics of the word as the enterprise (individual industrial and commercial households) in the name of business terms; individual industrial and commercial households of the name can contain digital Arabia.

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