Taobao mobile phone will become the future development trend

2010 Communications Exhibition, I believe that we are not only left behind 3G4G, triple play and networking, more is the future of the mobile Internet and mobile life services. In this communication exhibition, mobile shopping will be greater development.

from the store shopping to online shopping, to the mobile phone shopping, along with the popularity of 3G networks and electronic commerce, the shopping channel is first from the mall to the computer, and transferred from the computer to mobile phone, bring the evolution of the way of shopping is not only a way of shopping has become more simple and convenient, is a service to upgrade and affordable price.

China’s existing Internet users 400 million, mobile phone users, while mobile phone users has reached 770 million in the next 5 years, China will become the largest increase in the number of smart phone users in the country. With the continuous upgrading of electronic technology, the mobile phone is no longer a single communication tool, the function has been covered to life, entertainment, work, communication and other aspects.

in this communication exhibition, Focus Media Chen Yan proposed a key words: integrated marketing, is in addition to the Internet, mobile phone is the largest mobile phone applications, and Taobao is now an essential tool trendsetter. In fact, as early as a year ago, launched mobile phone version of Taobao, as an important strategic layout of Taobao ", it integrates the resources on the network, so that users can access more channels, and product search, browse, buy goods immediately, goods collection, online communication, at the time. This application is only as an extension of Taobao online shopping channel.

now, based on the application of 3G network technology and a substantial reduction in the popularity of intelligent machines, so that the mobile Internet began to be transferred to a large area of life, work and other applications. Mobile phone is no longer a single communication tools, mobile phone function has to cover multiple aspects of life, work, entertainment, communication etc., in the aspect of function application and software installation is not less than a laptop computer, notebook computer and mobile phone compared, portable, compact and stylish, long standby time advantage is more prominent. Under this background, mobile phone client on-line time, not long ago, with the upsurge of iPhone 4 listed, apple iPhone mobile phone support mobile phone Taobao client login App Store, pocketed the eye fashion. Internet users are the marriage of Taobao and iPhone as a combination of technology and fashion".

Only a short while ago

is only part of young Internet users, online shopping because of curiosity is an occasional move, just a few years later, in the online shopping population approaching 300 million, the trading volume has been increasing year by year, in 2009, China’s online shopping transactions amounted to 258 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 105.8%. And this figure in 2006 and in 2007 were 31 billion 200 million yuan and $59 billion 400 million. The popularity of online shopping is an indisputable fact, with the growing popularity of mobile phone Taobao client, will make life more convenient.

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