Jingdong suppliers owed money for 13 months is refers to shop big bully

Jingdong mall once again suffered growing pains.

February 28th, an attachment to the electricity supplier network platform oil products suppliers, micro-blog platform to lead the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong mall war. The reason to force the supplier to launch an attack of Jingdong is the mall, said the mall Jingdong owed its suppliers for up to 13 months of sales.

this is not the first time involved in the dispute Jingdong mall zero dispute. In February 2012, another supplier in the same way, blame the Jingdong mall existence "shop" big bully phenomenon. At that time, the supplier accused Jingdong mall presence 4 overlord terms.

Jingdong "encounter various reasons mall like us debt many suppliers, but in order to continue sales in the Jingdong store, most suppliers began. In order to recover the arrears, we can only in the mall to withdraw from Jingdong store price." In an interview with this reporter telephone interview, the essential oil commodity supplier said.

just announced a week before the completion of the four round of financing Jingdong mall, there can be no funding strand breaks crisis. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong in the completion of the financing of the mall, said in the form of an internal e-mail, the completion of the four round of $700 million (about 4 billion 360 million yuan) after financing, Jingdong holding mall is currently about 15 billion yuan of cash flow.

and Liu Qiangdong’s position is different, the supplier guess if the Jingdong should not hand mall amount of cash, payment of arrears for 13 months. In this regard, Jingdong mall and media sources said the docking, the supplier for AFU, the reason why there is no reason for the payment of 13 months of the settlement is the value-added tax invoice information wrong. Jingdong also said it is currently working with the financial and other relevant departments of emergency communication, and contact with AFU related personnel to seek solutions.

over a year in arrears

the supplier and Jingdong mall signed a monthly settlement and payment method

oil products in the form of suppliers in the form of mail, to the reporter to demonstrate the relevant evidence Jingdong mall arrears. These electronic data show that the supplier’s arrears have been delayed, and the supplier’s October 2011 arrears, the final payment date is December 12, 2012.

the supplier is introduced, in accordance with the contract, the commodity suppliers and Jingdong mall signed a payment period of one month. The actual operation, the total price of the Jingdong store arrears of the total accounts payable up to 13 months, the cumulative total of more than $3 million. So far, all the arrears, there are still about 1000000 yuan has not been clear settlement Jingdong mall.

talked about the reasons for the arrears, the supplier said that the Jingdong mall is not used to a variety of restrictive terms and conventions, and even some private reasons.

newspaper reporter to get a screenshot of the data show that Jingdong mall in the contract agreed to three kinds of payment and settlement

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