The traditional retail business transformation is the battle of strangling last window is coming

accompanied by the end of this year, online retail accounted for the total retail sales of social commodities will rise to about 17%, nearly 20% of the explosive growth of the critical point, the next two years of small and micro enterprises to become the transformation of the golden period, the window of opportunity is expected to close in 2014.

warm-up half of the first half of 2013 in the first half of the electricity supplier war to enter the peak battle of 18. Tmall login page can slide the mouse cut 200 million yuan red envelope, Jingdong to borrow ten anniversary anniversary launch Liu feedback. Others such as Yi Xun, shop No. 1, almost all electricity suppliers are already eager for a fight to join the fray, tense for overtime.

CCTV financial commentator, China e-commerce experts observed that single kernel, Tmall, Jingdong, Yi Xun, Suning and Gome and other major electricity supplier giant or will in the next two years in the decisive year, seating rearrangement. Participants will be Fengeng this year from 9% to 17% of the incremental market, not the winner will gradually fade out of sight of consumers. The online lively fierce fighting behind, actually facing real danger is destroying the traditional retail industry.

price war fight behind the industrial chain

from the first month of Jingdong fired first launched the business after World War, crying for half a month to 18 days as the axis of each business, set off for three days to seven days of promotional war climax.

from June 17th to June 19th, the Jingdong launched low-cost mall member feedback lore, Lao special promotion. Tmall 17 to the number of years of madness in, shouting out the cheapest in June, the slogan of the three day. Open the page to slide the mouse as a popular game fruit ninja like to cut the red, 200 million yuan discount enough to feed the appetite of consumers. In June 17th 21, played 5 days and 5 nights, 500 million hurricane banner. State of the United States online outspoken play 618 peak war, the product of the purchase of 1 yuan from the slogan of the 18.

due to consumer aesthetic fatigue, merchants this year’s promotion war is obviously more expensive, means more abundant. In addition to direct discounts, as well as to send gold bars, send coupons, spike and other means.

although some consumers, electricity providers and suppliers have questioned the price war, but Jen believes that the price war will continue to fight in the future, because several major electricity supplier platform to profit from. For example, Tmall has always been only to businesses to provide the battlefield, take advertising revenue. Jingdong,, easy fast are now open platform also benefit.

Jingdong said

senior vice president of public relations department store Li Xi told CCTV finance first time interview, Jingdong (June) in the first two weeks, when the day order peak close to 2 million, doubled over the same period last year, sales grew more than doubled. Yi Xun, shop No. 1, also said that after the start of the promotion war orders have substantial growth.

last year, double eleven war, Taobao Tmall net sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, a new record of e-commerce day sales. The industry is concerned, the 618 battle will be >

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