Settled in Shenzhen after the 11 night Carnival also intends to replicate the success of Super Bowl

in addition to the soaring number of each year, Alibaba’s dual 11 what is there to look forward to?

October 10th, "2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night," the Organizing Committee and the Shenzhen municipal government officially confirmed: this year’s double 11 party will be located in Shenzhen Sports Center stadium.

in this regard, the Alibaba group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong said: "Shenzhen has a special meaning for China, represents a kind of spirit, aspiring and facing the world and the future. Double 11 has already crossed the borders, beyond the boundaries of the Internet, I believe that through cooperation with Shenzhen, "Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night" will allow viewers to experience the global science and technology and cultural entertainment with surprise and joy."

last year, Feng Xiaogang served as director of the double 11 carnival night, the first show, and this year’s double the evening of the 11 invited the United States gold medal producer David Hill served as director general.


David Hill

David Hill’s first sports reporter debut, had supervised the American National Football League 20 years known as the "super bowl" (NFL) of the annual championship, the show has been the nation’s highest rated TV program, known as the "Spring Festival evening". Every year the Super Bowl in the United States television industry status is self-evident, and the United States presidential election is the highest participation of modern social activities of the United States two. The recent debate over the two presidential candidates in the United States has never been so hot, but in terms of ratings, it is only considered "near the super bowl". 2015 "super bowl" the most popular Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers team in the game, the audience number is 112 million, accounting for 1/3 of the total population of the United states.

David Hill also served as executive producer of three quarter American idol. Recently, he was the producer of the eighty-eighth Oscar awards in 2016.

must point out that the producer and the director are two different jobs. The former pays more attention to the shooting and materials behind the process of the control, while the latter is more emphasis on lighting, choreography, stage actor equipment division of the implementation stage. So take David Hill to replace Feng Xiaogang, may not be able to bring to the audience a more pleasing art double 11 party, but is likely to become a traditional festival fixed (see the American people every year to the super bowl after it). As for the United States that can be integrated into the TV sets of Chinese culture, it depends on the actual effect of the.


in addition to advertising, the annual Super Bowl halftime performances can detonate western public opinion hot

according to the 2016 Tmall double carnival night general planning, general manager of Ying Hong Ali introduced this year, the two will not only introduce the 11 party 11

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