Fresh electricity burn Wars Baidu led COFCO buy 200 million


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so far all joined BAT fresh electricity supplier war mission. Cold chain distribution cost control, the problem can only be controlled so that the major loss of fresh electricity continued to burn.

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even burn and loss, fresh electricity still has a strong gold absorption capacity.

October 12th, COFCO has been relying on the support of fresh electricity supplier website I bought the food network to obtain financing, lead investor side, including Baidu and Taikang Life, investment amount of US $200 million (about 1 billion 264 million yuan). As a result, I bought the network to complete its C round of financing, the company’s goal is also set for China’s largest electricity supplier in the field of food.

BAT so far, the big three have been completed in the fresh food area layout: Baidu to buy nets, I pulled the Tencent Jingdong, Alibaba Tmall and supermarket.

interface news reporter contacted me to buy a network, but the other said that before the end of this month formally announced the financing of both sides, temporarily do not respond to the use of funds, the proportion of shares acquired by investors and other related content.

according to public information, founded in 2008, I bought the food network, in July 2013 by the A round of investment fund Saif inject millions of dollars; in August 2014, completed a $100 million B round of financing (about 632 million yuan), IDG capital investment of $85 million from zero (about 537 million yuan) lead investor, A round lead cast Saif chase cast $15 million (about 94 million 815 thousand yuan). B round of financing is mainly used to strengthen the overseas direct mining, front-end supply chain and fresh cold chain distribution and other competitive advantages.

informed sources said, I bought the network C round of funds will be used to build cold chain logistics and third party distribution. At present, I bought the network exclusive food storage center in the north, Southern China, East three station, room temperature food covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government in Hong Kong and Macao regions outside the city, a total of 142 fresh products covering north, East and Southern China, with my delivery service buy network throughout the cold chain self logistics and third party distribution, the latest 48 hours service.

development of fresh electricity supplier demand for funds is very large, especially in the high loss, high cost of the present stage, financing is the process must go, I bought the network is no exception.

in September this year, SF preferred 45 city from the fresh food distribution to expand the scope of the 105 City, the new city for most of the three or four line of the city, but in fact, this part of the city is not only the consumer groups on the raw power of acceptance is not high, and the cold chain distribution is a big problem. If I buy this network is also the focus of the use of funds for the development of three tier cities, then there may be the same challenges." A fresh electric business insiders told the interface news reporter.

from operational perspective

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