Thunderbolt Alliance as a partner to open the flow valve open

thunderbolt alliance after a series of adjustment mechanism, and finally the dog with the flow of the valve fully open to partners, the adjustment of the overall traffic will open more than ten times previously, is undoubtedly brought the gospel to download the CO owners.

thunderbolt download business alliance is thunder download tools for webmaster cooperation mode based on customized, as long as your site provides resources to download, you can add the business support, eMule download, BT download and download the traditional mode, optional full or semi thunder thunder, with the user’s download behavior and enjoy the corresponding return flow and commission cooperation is a special, exclusive download station.

thunderbolt Alliance for the co owners with the flow of the policy, has been sought after heat many webmaster download, suddenly have to join the alliance added downloads, including most of the cattle download station, such as the Pacific Ocean, sky, Dortmund software, excellent software, through cooperation, to bring the dog huge traffic, which also reached a strategic long-term cooperation agreement.

from the beginning of April this year, after a series of rectification supervisor and related departments, clean up illegal and a large number of pornographic websites, to a certain extent, improve the living environment of the Internet, the alliance also with this rectification stop to partner sites with traffic, and reopened in July; to this adjustment, alliance the dog for partners to open the flow to the industry to bring no small shock, with the flow of the way also changed by dog users click on download directly download page for the final switch with the flow of cooperation Station, more direct way; but this alliance will also all partners to clean up, currently being held in sun flow and to win gifts ", another" reporting prize "activities held at the same time, welcome webmaster enthusiastic participation.

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