Dunhuang network in the United States launched the first virtual office website cover bridge strateg


Dunhuang DHgate.com, one of China’s largest commodity wholesale platform. Last week, the market for the United States launched a sub station, named "IntroducingSuccess.com".

yes, from the name, this seems to be an incentive to start the site.

in fact, Dunhuang cleverly designed a bridge, and the last step in the bridge to other people indirectly to the Dunhuang network, if you want to shop online, is not the first to learn how to drive, learn not to purchase, after the promotion…… And he will tell you that a message is that everything in Dunhuang. With such a logical thinking, Dunhuang network so covered so full of teaching flavor, Li Zhiwei, the taste of information Introducing Success sales website!

entered the home, in front of a row of discharged professionals, the virtual office all by a virtual company called "SuccessCo", they are virtual employee service in the company, each employee specializing in a block, can you answer. For example, a man named Richard Cooke is working, a man named Susan Oliviera is doing accounting, and the chief executive is Maggie Succesco, you enter them, they will share with you their selfless work in dribs and drabs. According to a press release said that the website "Introducing Success" seems to be a deep inside the office, like a maze, in fact, quite clear inside information is divided into three parts:

is the first part of the network to set up shop "novice". It is a new way to attract, it is to give these novices a questionnaire to fill in, after writing, they know what they want to shop, what needs to be able to shop, and other things.

The second part is to compare the

advanced but not touched the multinational businesses, because although there are a lot of people have started their own shop in the United States, but they may buy directly at home next to the factory, rarely considered by international sources (International Sourcing), especially through the Internet is far from these international supply of goods. This section will tell you how to design a shopping page, the way the freight there are several, this part also for some details such as customs tax, customs regulations and so on are detailed explanation.

The third part is the

method of some small sales and business, this part also cut into a wider field, may allow some of the company’s external window attracted by the window again and finally China, these manufacturers began to contact.

"Introducing Success" is a way to bring new customers through the website of the teaching, and the Chinese people’s wisdom in full

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