AQSQ air purifier sampling pass rate of less than 80%

central broadcasting network Beijing on November 4th news (reporter Jiang Wenjing) according to voice of Chinese "peak Evening News" reported, as people increasingly concerned about air quality and air purifier has become in recent years the fire of small household electrical appliances, however, a large number of new brands at the same time, the industry also caused the phenomenon of fish pay attention to. Recently, the State Administration of quality supervision will focus on the quality of the air purifier supervision, and announced a special sampling results, sampling results?

as everyone knows, is an important cause of fog and haze intensifies, promote hot air purifiers and enhance the residents’ income, improve the quality of life, and also promote the expansion of the electricity supplier to the popularity of accelerating the air purifier market, according to incomplete statistics, there are about the air purifier more than and 200 enterprises, about 50 core brands. However, the rapid development of the market at the same time, the air purifier product quality is not optimistic.

reporter saw, in October 19th this year from the state quality inspection administration official website, quality inspection administration issued "on the 2016 air purifier national product quality supervision inspection briefing shows that the sample covering 8 provinces (city) the 61 batch of 56 enterprises producing products, inspection of product safety index, performance index and electromagnetic compatibility index 3 21 projects. After inspection, product sampling qualified rate is 75.4%, less than 80%, 14 production of 15 batches of substandard products, the net U.S. official air purifier Beijing net U.S. official environment science and technology limited company production, LAVIDA Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Limited production of leopard meters air purification and other products were ranked in the "master unqualified list.

it is understood that the air purifier first checks for national supervision, mainly covering well-known brands in the industry, from the geographical point of view, the focus of the Shanghai spot, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangdong and other industrial agglomeration products, Shanghai city in Jiangsu province and the checks pass rate in this sample average the qualified rate of the level below.

for the quality of the product in the spot checks found that the State Administration of quality supervision, said, to carry out sampling after the treatment. The enterprise shall be ordered to stop the production and sale of substandard products in accordance with the law, and shall be subject to the supervision of the destruction of the products that have been produced, in accordance with the relevant provisions, or the necessary technical treatment.

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