Wanda electricity supplier is only a 20 billion defensive war

text / Bian Haifeng (WeChat public number: rexuema)

days ago, Wanda Group, Baidu, Tencent strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Shenzhen, announced the establishment of a joint venture Wanda e-commerce company (hereinafter referred to as "Wanda"). Wanda electricity supplier plans to invest 5 billion yuan in a period of three years, the first year invested $1 billion, nearly 20 billion yuan investment in. Wanda Group holds a 70% stake in the joint venture, Baidu, Tencent each holds a stake of 15%.

this is Wang Jianlin since 2 years ago, decided to do the electricity supplier after the second milepost, the first milepost for two years ago, Wanda electricity supplier people hiring ", and to find the right person, do the right thing to Wanda electricity supplier. From the results, at least Wanda electricity supplier established the strategic direction of O2O, forming their own core team (it is also said to recruit), this is still good to do, that is a bit slow speed.

and Tencent, Baidu set up a joint venture company, Wanda electricity supplier is the second stage, which is the integration of resources, or amplification strategy, landing strategy. In fact, I personally do not optimistic about this strategy, because this is the so-called "living", business is difficult to expand, the ceiling is visible. The Google, IBM, and Chinese Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba big three far, the latter are all platform services, business to parasitic on their platform, they control the entire business stronger, these enterprises rising market to prove this view I.

Wang Jianlin richest man era ended

again, you may also know the upcoming Alibaba valuation is expected to exceed $220 billion, according to Ma Yun, 8.9% of the equity ratio calculation, Ali after the listing, Ma Yun will be worth more than $19 billion 500 million, not including Alipay and other assets, the preliminary estimate of Ma’s worth at least 20 billion dollars and the breakthrough, but also Wanda about 100000000000 rmb. In other words, Wang Jianlin’s richest man era officially ended. Even if put aside Ma, Wang Jianlin is not the richest man, more than the number of assets of its


so I often joked that Wang Jianlin is in the layout of the electricity supplier by this form of self-defense, to defend their richest throne. However, this may not be a joke, from the strategic positioning of the Wanda electricity supplier, we can see that Wanda electricity supplier strategy is very conservative, which is magnified in the existing system resources, mainly around the country Wanda line assets. According to the office of CEO Gong Yitao’s statement "from April 2012, Wanda began entry, spent almost 3 months, with Chairman Wang Jianlin to determine the direction of O2O, by using methods and technologies of the Internet and electronic business to optimize the line, achieve asset value, it took 3 months to internal communication, because most of 2012 stay in the level of leading online shopping. "

from this point of view, Wanda electricity supplier selected Tencent, Baidu’s intention is very

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