Taobao take a big step gradually upgraded to B2C mode

December 1st morning news, "the Taobao partner program officially launched today in Hangzhou, the first batch of more than and 20 gathered in the home Amoy Amoy stalls stalls platform emerged, Taobao is gradually upgrading to B2C mode.

followed 09 years in June, Taobao’s open platform release, Taobao partner program this strategic move will become a big Taobao strategy, the commercial layout of the second step.

It is reported that

, through this plan, Taobao will convene a number of e-commerce outsourcing suppliers, in all aspects of IT, channels, services, marketing, logistics and other e-commerce ecosystem, to provide personalized products and services for sellers, Taobao enterprise, so as to ensure the benign operation and faster development of the whole field of electronic commerce.

upgrade rather than transformation

upgrade on Taobao, Alibaba group chief of staff and sina science and technology dialogue has said, when Taobao was born is not a pure C2C mode, and a small B (small business) form. Taobao is the most important service in China’s economic development, so the need to help small businesses to develop into large businesses, this is not a transformation, but the upgrade.

Ceng Ming introduction, two years ago, Taobao proposed to create an open, collaborative, open e-commerce ecosystem. With the development of e-commerce, Taobao sellers will be transformed from simple behavior to corporate behavior.

he believes that with the rapid development of small businesses, many of the previous large businesses on the Internet sales disdain began to consider moving to the network, therefore, Taobao needs to provide the best service for businesses.

this, Taobao CFO and Taobao mall responsible person Zhang Yong also believes that to help Taobao’s customers grew from small businesses to real businesses, from the operating mode of the workshop to the development of enterprise management.

logistics and other outsourcing services support

Zeng Ming proposed sales network is the result of the pursuit of the ultimate, the traditional economic industrial chain has been unable to support the electronic commerce network of sales as a leader, so we need to promote e-commerce ecosystem formation and prosperity. He believes that the plan needs to Amoy logistics, information system, distribution, network marketing support.

he believes that to help companies break through the bottleneck of development, the reconstruction of the business ecosystem, including DC core logistics system, such as support for outsourcing services is particularly important.

open platform Taobao vice president Wang Wenbin said that the establishment of an open platform, the goal is to support the open, to promote innovation, through the Amoy plan, to achieve the ultimate users, partners and Taobao win.

              Taobao push partner program first signed more than and 20 service providers

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