mport electricity supplier 11 pairs of things Tmall international inspection policy bottom line

[Abstract] since the Alibaba this year 11 big international brand, "sea washes" means become very strong, other imported electricity supplier sites are also positive or ready to fight. But why in the blue ocean pier CEO once it is 11 this year, double China import electricity supplier industry a great opportunity to watch.

so, standing in the imported electricity supplier "leader" position, where the




Ceng Bibo, the industry commonly known as dock brother, Shanghai Jiao Tong University junior class student, steeped in the electricity supplier industry for many years, the cross-border electricity supplier pioneer, in-depth understanding of the industry. In 2009, the blue ocean had founded import electricity supplier dock, and served as CEO. At the same time the state power grid contributing columnist.

in the past six months, the cross-border import industry from the trough like rapid growth hormone played the same, belong to grass root entrepreneurs from the beginning of the world evolved today vaguely in many electricity providers chiefs began to fight the new red sea.

the next double 11 big promotion, can be used as China cross-border import electricity supplier industry is an excellent match platform: by large dose of mass concentration of large quantity and easy intercourse clearance can whole industry research strategy will lower and the ability to integrate and the government’s bottom line. And for us, watching the most important is: through the Tmall international double 11 big promotion to the government for verification Chinese minimum bonded imported model policy.

for the best match, I suggest that the industry friends can be the whole situation mainly the following two separate schools and research different points:

1, bonded import (on behalf of enterprises: Tmall International)

bonded import faction refers to the basis of China’s cross-border electricity supplier pilot bonded bonded 6 bonded port and bonded goods model as the core of the supply chain based on several electricity supplier companies or platforms. The most prominent among them is Tmall international. According to some of the data side, Tmall international is currently more than 60% of the transaction order is made by several major bonded area for stocking and shipping. The key point of the research is the government regulation mode of bonded import, and the key point is not the supervision policy of the customs, but the bottom line of China’s quality supervision administration and the State Administration of taxation. As I review customs No. 56, told billion state power network: "the other shoe not landing". This is another shoe is China’s commodity inspection and tax for bonded stock model regulatory bottom line.

bonded import mode of regulatory policy for the stability of the huge cross-border imports of industrial chain’s value, if you can successfully go through large scale, there will be hope for the rest of the industry in a year all the game player open up a broad road, almost subversive greatly pushed into the traditional import trade and Industry self upgrading reconstruction.

, of course, the bonded import model has its natural bottlenecks and barriers, in our words: "bonded import mode is too heavy, threshold too"

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