Jingdong mall again lead the electricity supplier in the direction of marketing

March 8th, the Jingdong officially announced the mall in hand with the Chinese top level Football Super League, the two sides signed a five year strategic cooperation agreement, the Jingdong mall to become super league level partner, retail business and shopping website exclusive partner. This is the 2010 after the successful sponsorship of Jingdong mall Super League, once again hand in hand, marking the mall again lead the industry in innovation marketing Jingdong.

Jingdong mall group chief marketing officer blue ye said, "the Jingdong mall have been paying close attention Chinese sports, and served as the main sponsor of the cooperation with the league in 2010 this year, when the Super League tenth season and Chinese occupation football league’s twentieth season, and the Jingdong since 2004 officially founded, has for ten years, the two sides in the struggle, the concept of happiness dream transfer agree without prior without previous consultation, and the super happy again. We hope that through cooperation, to further promote the healthy development of the Super League and Chinese football. The Super League has wide range of audiences and a strong influence in Chinese, Jingdong will use this mall Super League top sports event platform, to further enhance the brand awareness of the Jingdong store, let more people know about online shopping mall Jingdong."

, vice president of the Football Association Super China company chairman Yu Hongchen said, "very glad to be able to sign the Jingdong mall such high growth business leader, Jingdong Mall for Super League support, and support of the club and the player, brings the development of football sport in Chinese the impetus and influence is not to be ignore. The future, we will also work with the Jingdong mall launched a series of closer cooperation, let the fans stay at home through the Internet can buy more rich in goods, so that more users in love, love Chinese football."

as the highest level of football professional league in recent years, the influence of the league. According to CCTV Sofres released data show that in the 2012 season of the Super League attracted about 4 million 497 thousand and 400 fans to the stadium watching TV, people has reached 279 million, there is no doubt that super is one of the most popular sports league domestic audience. Moreover, the 16 teams in China’s major cities, the market is vast resources, and the development of the region is also very consistent with the business of Jingdong. The cooperation between the two sides will be conducive to the accumulation of new users and potential users of Jingdong mining Jingdong brand promotion and market development is also very useful.

in order to support the development of football in China, Jingdong mall also insisted on sparing no effort to provide a good platform for the exchange of Chinese football lovers and further development of the platform and opportunities. In 2010, the Jingdong will set up a "mall Jingdong ahead beyond" scholarship, funded in the league only a student in the Beijing Institute of Technology football team support college football, to cultivate outstanding young players. The cooperation with China, Jingdong mall will also plan to cooperate with the Chinese Football Association to support the development of youth football career to promote

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