Electricity supplier will decline The name of the product excellence articles new retail contrarian

in recent years, with the rapid rise of the Internet, electricity providers have achieved development spurt in Chinese, consumer shopping habits have started from the line to line, resulting in retail industry suffered a great impact, the market share is gradually eroded, have "real closed shop tide, and mouthing entities. As one falls, another rises.

, on the contrary, the electricity supplier coolhead, many retail brands even quickly follow the trend of transformation, with the electricity supplier, hoping to get rid of the decline, followed by a large flow, realize the transformation from entity to the electricity supplier. However, when we want to break the head to make a transition to the electricity business, there is a shop not only did not affect by the electricity supplier, but in this "cold shut shop" ushered in the "real economy" the spring, it is the Japanese fast fashion designer brand name product excellence — MINISO.


said the name of the product excellence, a lot of people may think that this is the Japanese brand in the Chinese shop, in fact, the name of the product excellence is a fast fashion by founder Ye Guofu Chinese jewelry chain brand "oops with Japan famous designer Miyake Junya co founded the consumer brand. The name of the product excellence was established in 2003, it spent more than two years, in the shop has more than 1400 companies in the world, but now we have been bad mouthing the retail entity on the occasion, the name of the product excellence will undoubtedly become the retail entity when such as the shame of a dark horse.

but, rather it is worth mentioning that, in recent years the development of electronic commerce China the like a raging fire, a product was never involved in the electricity supplier, that is, you never see the famous product excellence online shop in Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, consumers will have to open the online name product excellence the store can buy its products, and it can Chinese and even the whole world can sell so fire, so, what is the reason for creating the name of the product excellence this "unique success"? What is the secret of the

?In fact, this is also the author of

, has been studying the issue, although there have been some media have been reported, but the strong feeling is the name of the product excellence before the first entered the shop shopping has been impressive, from the first day as a superior consumer, I have the research interest in it, even began thinking about some of the business model is beginning to have a new cognition of the hitherto unknown. It can be said that the research on the name of the product excellence business model, you can even see the business in all walks of life and the nature, China drawbacks, the existence of future new retail trends and so on, have a good reference.

for the name of the product excellence success secret, the author from the real experience to explain. Because go directly from the personal experience of tracing the source, then every problem will get a clear answer. Of course, if as an ordinary consumer, may not see the mysterious place, and.

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