Electricity supplier companies how to grasp the wonderful 140 words

with the rise and popularity of micro-blog, micro-blog to promote their products has become an important means of many enterprises network marketing. Through this convenient, fast, borderless micro-blog platform companies can establish contact with more customers, more information in a timely manner to more customers. Of course, want to take effective information out to achieve their business objective is not an easy easy thing, but it is not difficult to understand as long as customers, from the customer point of view, improve meaningful information for customers to do it carefully, I believe can always achieve marketing by micro-blog.

below to talk about how to operate as a business as well as their own micro-blog.

first, micro-blog is set to start their own good

1, micro-blog name

it is recommended to use the company’s brand as the micro-blog name, which is conducive to the promotion of their own brand.

2, micro-blog

use the most concise language to describe the company’s profile is mainly the scope of the company’s services or business.

3, micro-blog’s personality tag

tags to be consistent with the main label of the customer base, so that potential customers find you.

4, micro-blog head

head picture to be related to their own industry, so that others can see a picture of the head can be about you, head picture with the enterprise LOGO can also be.

5, micro-blog theme

theme suggestions to clean and tidy, too fancy others look tired, of course, except for the artistic personality.

two, how to find their own user

1, through the micro-blog’s personalized tags to find

usually micro-blog users will be based on their own situation and personal preferences to set their own labels. Companies can use these tags to find their own service industry related user groups. For example, do business side of the game can be achieved through the game, the label to find the relevant user groups.

2, through the micro group to find the user

each group has its own unique characteristics, each group has its own theme, the group of users are mostly interested in the theme of the group. Enterprises can find a large number of users through the relevant micro groups. For example, there is a group of sports enthusiasts related, so do sports apparel industry related businesses can pass this

micro group to find a large number of target users.

3, through the hot topic to find the target user

hot topics are very concerned about the user’s attention, companies can directly find the topic by searching the crowd. For example, publishers can search for the topic of reading to find the target user.

three, use the target >

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