ShopEx to bring electricity supplier Sina micro interview near Kuba

, the country’s largest e-commerce software and services provider Shanghai Business School Network Technology Co. Ltd. (ShopEx) will be held November 9, 2011 14:00-15:30, micro-blog, Sina and Sina together again "technology and network operators in the world" launched a strong "Chinese benchmark electricity supplier for the electricity supplier" micro interview Fourth "near Kuba Kuba CEO Wang Zhiquan, dialogue.

ShopEx benchmark electricity supplier in China, electricity supplier micro interview series is based on the ShopEx benchmark electricity supplier in China line activities launched, has successfully held three. Following the first phase of the approaching Martha Marceau ", second" approached veoshoesshoes ", third" approached fun net "after the fourth stage electric micro interview activities will lead the majority of micro-blog fans approached Kuba, when CEO Wang Zhiquan" at the end of promotional war startling step by step "topic and share business success experience, answer concerned.

Chinese appliances online shopping portal first shopping network (referred to as Kuba Kuba) was founded in 2006, we provide electricity, kitchen appliances, household appliances, mobile phone, computer, camera, digital, automotive supplies and new eight categories tens of thousands of online sales of merchandise, dedicated to the consumer to create a complete product, perfect service and products excellent, affordable one-stop home appliances online shopping platform. At present, Kuba has 6 large areas in the country, 13 branches, the second half of the year will also speed up the pace of the layout. Kuba CEO Wang Zhiquan focused on the vertical field of B2C appliances, attention, memory, electricity supplier logistics channels and service upgrades. Can foreknow, in the technical reserves and B2C mode in the future research field, Kuba network will go in the forefront of the industry.

ShopEx with a strong reputation and influence with the electricity supplier in the service field, together with Sina and the "world network", to carefully build the authority of micro-blog interactive platform for the electricity supplier industry, provides hands-on experience to share, discuss the electricity supplier topic and convenient channel for the industry. The ShopEx benchmark for electricity supplier Chinese electricity supplier micro interview series in September 21st was officially launched, with the electricity supplier enterprises head of the electricity supplier industry, media reporters, senior experts in the electricity supplier industry such as the interview object, with "dry cargo sharing, combat, interaction," as the theme, activities have great success, was widely recognized by society from all walks of life.

ShopEx long-term focus on e-commerce software development and related solutions and services provided, after nearly ten years of accumulation, the formation of a industry’s largest and most powerful and most experienced professional team, won the 23 industries, the 8 formats, 800 thousand users, and has become the common choice of domestic 80% e-commerce annual turnover of billions of dollars in business. The reason why Sina and ShopEx jointly organized a series of electricity supplier micro interviews, it is out of the ShopEx in the electricity supplier business in the huge customer resources highly recognized. It is reported that, ShopEx benchmark electricity supplier in China, electricity supplier micro interview will continue until mid January next year, a total of 9 ~

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