The September audit SP copyright issues without qualification will be forced offline

August 13th news, the reporter was informed that the Ministry of information industry will be in the joint operators in the country in the year of all SP business copyright audit and inspection, once found no copyright qualification and other issues will be forced to deal with the downline.

in 2007, the Ministry of information industry of SP significantly increased supervision, including SP market group SMS trick consumption, deductions, the price tag is not unknown, bad information, false advertising and other five kinds of social issues reflect the strong.

August 6th, MII announced a comprehensive inventory of SP in radio and television in order to carry out the name resolution, star marriage content-based interactive program.

this time, the Ministry of information industry for the copyright issue of SP business audit. According to SP sources, the focus of this review will be the copyright problem of SP services, especially IVR (interactive voice) business, if the copyright issues will be forced to find its downline.


SP is less than 2000, of which 85% SP operating on IVR, and mainly customized ringing tone music download. But the SP said, "not a few of the copyright, mostly from the CP loan through the audit, what is more direct access from the Internet, because the copyright is not clear, causing a lot of homogeneity of products, the inevitable market confusion."

"the Ministry of information industry operators to copyright operation, but also directly shows that the regulatory authorities of the general service content of communication products to strict control, will play a key role in the containment of bad information." China Unicom value-added business department official said.

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