The sea Amoy accumulate steadily after black Friday whether to

in the evening of November 28th, in an office building in the South Third Ring Road in Beijing, a group of people are busy working on the computer. Despite the fact that the table was filled with snacks that everyone liked to eat, they seemed to have lost their charm and were lying there. The room is the sound of the keyboard and the sound of the discussion, the group of people hungry, standing on a colleague sent food; tired, there is a hotel upstairs to rest. Working so hard for the "black Friday" chop hand Monday "big promotion.

wars "black Friday"

is the traditional shopping season in the United States each year in November and in December, "black Friday" is the most crazy shopping day in the u.s.. There are many theories about the origin of "black Friday": one refers to a dense mass of people go to the mall shopping queues on the Friday after Thanksgiving; another saying that, because this day is Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November) the first day after the opening, then America’s Christmas, people began to Christmas big purchase, the largest discount shopping malls are within a year to attract customers. Traditionally, different colors of ink are used to account for the loss of red, which means that the deficit is the deficit, and the black is profitable, so this Friday is called "black Friday", which means that the day is expected to be profitable. In addition to the traditional retail store, Amazon, best buy, 6PM and other electricity providers are also involved in promotional activities. Thanksgiving Day holiday after the first day of the online shopping promotions, also known as Cyber Monday.

The other shore of the ocean

, American consumers are shopping malls, the shore of the ocean, what is worth buying these employees are discount promotions Everfount updates to domestic consumers.

what is worth buying, because of the high cost of online shopping commodity recommendation, was friends affectionately called the rapist Zhang aunt "(SMZDM), founded in 2010, now has hundreds of employees. October 2013 on-line sea Amoy area, the sea Amoy class information independent operation and passed on to consumers.

in order to meet the "black Friday", what is worth buying team in advance of more than two months began preparations. Including the site editor, the company executives, businesses, etc.. Double eleven after "black Friday" Raiders began to be released, and the "black Friday" in the past few days, what is worth buying staff even shifts, some work from 7 in the morning to 11 at night, some works from 9 in the morning to second days at 2 – 3.

because it is an important promotional holiday, so the number of preferential information to be many times more than usual. According to what is worth buying staff introduction, double eleven, what is worth buying an average of 31.9 seconds to release a platform of information, the total amount of information released that day is usually the same as the times of ten. Black five level with double eleven.

influx of huge amounts of traffic will lead to paralysis of some sites. According to foreign media reports, best buy in the Friday morning down for more than an hour, domestic cross-border shopping.

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