To blog to support the station and push for new sites is an important way to promote

a lot of people say that the blog to support the station is not a good way to increase the site chain, the surface of the site to promote the role of insignificant. But for a new station this is really the only way to increase the chain. There are a lot of blogs on the site’s traffic is quite effective, like these:

1 blog network

2 Sina blog

3 Sohu blog

4Live Spaces

5 Tianya blog

6 China blog network

7 NetEase blog


9 network blog

10 Baidu space

these blogs are still very good, the flow of imports is still quite effective. When the new sites to build these blogs or long-term feeding. There are a lot of other blogs to increase the chain still has some benefits. It’s necessary for new people to stick to it.

for the increase of the chain is very good blog these:

1 thunder blog

2 blog

3 beauty blog

4 CSDN Blog

5 blog Park

6 blue



8 blog

9 elite blog

10 village blog

11 blog world>

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