Micro video promotion online games How to plan a good video

can now see a number of online games to promote self timer video, when the length of the general is also a dozen seconds, count on the micro video marketing. This advertising model than the original text and picture more vivid, plus video content often little grass root male and sexy beauty. These are the highlights to attract the eye, although the micro video is short, but also need to have a simple story, the role of character settings, etc.. So the micro video production promotion online, first the idea of a good story.


will be made into micro video game show, and incorporate the humour of the plot in the micro video, for example, the process description of a game player to go to Internet cafes overnight. The game continues to introduce the characteristics of the game, such as: beautiful pictures, skills, such as dazzle. In fact, is a simulation of a real player’s game experience, similar to the micro video can often see. Or simply looking for celebrity endorsements, are generally dominated by women, mainly in order to attract the majority of grass root male game player. Because the online games players or young men based, the use of beauty star endorsement is also in order to make a big eye.

shooting micro video also have to choose the scene, such as: Internet cafes is quite suitable for the shooting scene, many gamers prefer to go to the Internet cafe. The reason is that the atmosphere in the cafe, especially a few friends team to play a game, it will be more interesting. Of course, there are some micro video did not choose the Internet cafes, but the simulation of a real game world, in reality, found a similar environment and the game world, and then shoot the video. Looks funny, a bit like a real game cosplay.

in the placement of advertising, the video is usually the main character of the line, due to the relatively short time micro video. It is not possible to have a long and minute statement brief introduction, under the style of the game, but the ads also get method. Hard implants in the story as the natural integration, and there are a lot of advertising content and the game itself is completely inconsistent with the game, is purely deceptive visitors click. Such advertising will not have much marketing effect, although the exposure rate is very high, but it will cause resentment of users.

the vast majority of online games to promote micro video, it is estimated that a long time will not be replaced, in fact, micro video marketing can take more than a little sequel. In order to deepen the impression of visitors, many visitors for the first time to see such a micro video, it is estimated that soon forgotten. Regular replacement of micro video content, both to attract more new visitors, but also to deepen the impression of old users. Therefore, micro video marketing must adhere to do it, made into a series of micro video, and there is a close relationship between each other.

the last thing to note is that the production of good micro video should be put to those sites, many novels or small movie station will have such a game advertising. However, these sites are not related to the game, so it is appropriate to put on some of the game forums, game information on the site. At least most of these sites are the players of the game, the promotion of the effect will be immediate. Text >

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