Two entrepreneurs to share their projects in the end of the program Zhang Xiaolong why the valuatio

this is the fifth time I’ve been back.


Zhang Xiaolong at number 28 on a small program day, our company’s valuation at least up ten times. Why, because three days after the more than and 30 investors call, opening the first sentence is to say, "you do two things, WeChat is a small program to guide the future development of this industry."."

is the last day of 2016, returned to Hangzhou from Guangzhou’s WeChat open class scene, I was Wang Dehan and Yang Wanxin two entrepreneurs took about 4 hours, listening to a known value of ten million of the actual share.

The original

90%, a strange combination of circumstances, they do similar projects and WeChat small procedures, in addition to the development of language with no small program that sets of standard products, logic and business logic as like as two peas.

they two years of actual combat experience, including how to promote, how to design business, how to design products, how to avoid the problem, will be officially released in January 9th after a small program, we dig out the value. This will be a very interesting content.

below, dictated by his two, I sort.


why do we say that two years to do things, and small procedures to guide the 90% similar to see the product logic will know.

food products in the frame structure is interesting, users scan the code, directly out of the H5 generated pages (switched to WeChat app, probably as long as three days of development), ordering payment, ordering information in print out the kitchen, burn food distribution business, users completed a full consumption.

this process, do not have to focus on the first open, do not have to download and then open, do not have to pay the cash and then do not need to intervene in the waiter, do not need to occupy a desktop position, do not worry about being harassed. Familiar with the user, may complete the single point ten operation.

rely on this product, we have laid three thousand restaurants, serving nearly 1 million users, resulting in about 200 thousand days of water. In the Yangtze River Delta region is the top three service providers.


rely on two-dimensional code entry, open on the use, run away, not free to push…… And the idea of a small program crash, not too talented, but stepping on the pit dug out of their own forced.

two years ago, we opened a theme of the Internet cafe, the operating process, I think it can be a single point of the Internet can be optimized.

first use Bluetooth program. Put Bluetooth devices in every corner of the restaurant, as long as the open mobile phone Bluetooth function, using WeChat shake, you can jump out of the shop, after entering the online ordering data, direct docking to the cashier system, finished the meal and then go to the checkout. The process of customer trouble, the waiter is too troublesome, and finally give up.


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