Search promotion SEM and precise positioning thinking

      search engine promotion (SEM) thinking and precise positioning (to)
      some time ago often see many and his new discussion to the question: "how to make their rankings in search engines on the front, I do with a little experience in sales for so many years, and few companies do what recent service summarizes some experiences.

    in fact, SEO after a period of time you will find that the search engine is only an access platform for real browsing is not necessarily more valuable, traffic alone is not absolute dominant frequency of transactions for you, the final purpose is not to your ranking before and after, how to obtain the mining potential customers really depends on you the website provides real and appropriate service from professional web search access, SEO is to seek how to force consumption confusion and accurate extraction of the directional access to access.

      all know that modern information technology is not creating vast amounts of information, but how to massive information for effective data mining, as an article some time ago I saw in the DUNSH forum, "think I didn’t do anything in the case of BAIDU blocked me I should decide on what path to follow" (the name and content summary is that, anyway, is thinking of BAIDU), a real professional and accurate implementation of the network marketing website he even in the case of top ranking is still created a considerable volume of transactions, which is the focus of a good SEO should consider (that is, how to dig you are really suitable for marketing channels, this is often not the monopoly of the shots by BAIDU).

      optimization value to the target group of the website to do more, from the positioning professional website to do outreach than just the pursuit of a search engine ranking means more weight, then according to the positioning of the enterprise implementation of a search engine of the "signs" qualifying. I am in this case: I have a customer is doing animal nutrition and health care products companies, I made him a lot of free website promotion, he also reached a daily flow of at least 800 times / day, the boss is very happy every day, 800 people visit our company is happy, later analysis found that they are a very professional industry every day, the real target group of visitors has 10 positioning very well, how to put the 800 drop into the exact target within 100 truly effective and then directed against ("expansion" is SEO’s first step, effective "shrink" is the ultimate goal of SEO)?

      we analyze from many aspects, that focus on the European market more livestock owners is to put chicken into the giant chicken, and Africa, Southeast Asia market concern is how to let the chickens grow up before die out. The former is nutritional care, the latter is medical

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