Zhang Kai Haier 24 hours from time to time to see the development of e commerce

April 25th Haier mall official micro-blog claimed that from April 25th to 100 cities in the country launched the 24 hours of time limit in time, that is, free of charge, a single delivery service commitment to the. As long as you order at the mall Haier Haier appliances not sent to within 24 hours, you can and refused to contact them, they will give a full refund for home appliances free single, which will undoubtedly give the industry and we released a heavy bomb.

Chinese e-commerce was initially started by the auction site, and later developed into the B2B model. With the rapid development of the Internet companies and businesses are aware of e-commerce is an essential platform for their development, but also have joined the army is not very standardized e-commerce. According to the latest statistics, China has more than 4000 SMEs, accounting for 99% of the country’s total, are involved in B2B network shops as a starting point.

increased with the popularization of Internet knowledge and Chinese the number of Internet users, has entered the information society of our shopping is not the traditional shop to buy, and have been transferred to the online shopping this fashion shopping way. According to the survey results, 80% of the people in the online shopping logistics delivery speed is the key factor in determining the purchase of an item, so the company’s logistics and distribution time and mode is essential.

logistics refers to the spatial displacement between the producer and the consumer as the material of commodity, which belongs to the economic activities in the circulation field. Logistics for social logistics and logistics, e-commerce platform to taobao.com are led to social logistics distribution, logistics is the social ills of business items in the distribution process of irresponsible and timing of the customer experience to good shopping and e-commerce platform friendly to build their own logistics system is also represent the general trend of the development of enterprise e-business.

China 100 chain business of Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket established intelligent distribution center, to achieve 24 hours of service, at the same time as the 30 supermarket distribution, ensure that 40 minutes in place. This year, as the rapid development of e-commerce, many businesses have set up their own large storage base and expand their logistics and distribution personnel to improve customer service quality to win the market.

Haier from the 24 hour limited service we can see this is the business in a new way of e-commerce platform competition, Haier’s move also saw the development of e-commerce business, if the achieve their desired effect should increase the development of logistics distribution system of their own to win the future market.

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