What e commerce means to traditional enterprises

(fast transit network columnist: Wu Fei) is now a large number of traditional business enthusiasm for e-commerce is very high, indicating that the electricity supplier channels in the impact of traditional enterprises is also very large.

if they put electronic commerce through understanding is engaged in the third party service platform in their products or services sold online, and high hopes, if they find to sell things online and can not achieve the desired results and business day, their enthusiasm on electronic business will soon plummeted, even rejection.

filed clothing enterprises Metersbonwe, may we all are very familiar with, they had a high-profile announcement to enter the field of electronic commerce, but the benefit and pay to get them in the actual cost and their initial expectations was not consistent, soon closed electronic business platform, I feel that the reason is simple sell things on the internet.

for traditional enterprises, e-commerce is a basic function of the Internet to open up a break time and space constraints of the sales channels, but this is not the essence of e-commerce.

The real power of

e-commerce is to establish a business and consumer interaction, the establishment of a new brand based on word of mouth, new customer satisfaction. Because of the traditional enterprise online sales channels to sell their products, it may take several months to reflect the final customer from product to market, and on the Internet, these reflect only a very short period of time, they will be able to see their products in the consumer real value.

So the

electronic commerce in traditional enterprises must not only sell things online, but the ability to use electronic commerce and consumers to establish a real conversation and communication, so as to make the Internet become brand communication channels, has become a platform for brand building.

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