Zhang Fangwen explain the importance of database marketing in the field of electronic commerce

is widely used in the field of database marketing has been foreign e-commerce, but at home or just rise, even there are many small and medium-sized e-commerce company and individual e-commerce company that database marketing is a large e-commerce companies do marketing. Small e-commerce companies do not database marketing what is really of great significance, in fact, this is a mistake, Zhang Fangwen thought of database marketing for any e-commerce company, and the database in the field of e-commerce marketing is an important marketing tool in many marketing tools.

why database marketing is so important? Because the database marketing is our customers to maintain the most effective and direct method; and database marketing can be very good and other means of marketing combination, greatly improve the accuracy of sales; database marketing or business a good resource, enterprise is an intangible and valuable wealth. Zhang Fangwen from the following aspects to give you a detailed database marketing, we want to help!


first: database marketing can effectively maintain customer


I believe we all know, is the most common use of database marketing, such as our new release, we will provide customers sending information to inform this information; during the holidays to customers send a greeting message; it is only the most simple, the most common use is. Zhang Fangwen doesn’t do too much here. Welcome to my blog to exchange technology, my blog address is Zhang Fangwen (Pinyin) point Kang, also welcome you to join my network promotion technology exchange group: 13235117 micro-blog Marketing Group: 86980274

second: database marketing can build a good relationship between the enterprise and the customer

We may not know how to

it, know that a friend may rarely perform, Zhang Fangwen think this is the core of database marketing, we all know that the customer is very important, customer is God, but we didn’t really get to know customers, close to the customer, into customers, our products only in the continuous improvement, constantly close to the needs of customers, but we are not emotionally close to the customer, isn’t it? We know now intense competition, product homogeneity is very powerful, all businesses are basically the same, whether from the appearance and function of production, or the price and customer service, I think basically the same, how can in such a situation so we win? That is with customers to establish a good emotion, don’t let customers think we are simply selling products to them We want to build relationships with customers and become friends.

Home Inn

, I believe we all know? Home Inn is characteristic of database marketing, they all lived in the Home Inn customer’s daily habits and eating habits established documented in detail, and the establishment of a powerful database, the next time they will stay again the customer in accordance with customer service to the last used, then customers will.

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