E commerce in left entertainment in the right SNS towards the vertical fine differentiation

recently, on the Internet social network (SNS) of the Sohu launched a hot and white society, mop.com launched gangs, Tencent to meet with friends happy net, even Comsenz (Comsenz) UCenter Home 2.

According to iResearch survey

, SNS applications have become the new hot spot, most netizens love, become one of the most important Internet application, these Internet Co moves frequently, also showed SNS different direction.

Alibaba launched the "network connection" and "taobao.com Taobao Jianghu" is a type of e-commerce SNS, electronic commerce has obvious style, "connections" to mining business contacts, and efficient management of customer and provide personalized electronic name card, "Amoy arena" also has a strong characteristic of electronic commerce; happy net (Kaixin001) on entertainment success, from the initial "parking dispute", "friend buying and selling" to today’s "buy a house", has always insisted on walking the road of entertainment, become the representative of the entertainment SNS; campus network rely on established schoolmate relationship contacts circle, are with Facebook, continue to do the traditional SNS; Comsenz launched UCenter Home currently has more than 13 various types of websites, according to the latest UCenter Home 2 version of the test showed that the tool significantly strengthened, more favorable To build different types of SNS community.

e-commerce, entertainment, networking and vertical segmentation is the four types of domestic SNS community, but also the four direction of development. Chinese is a class of society, the emergence of a large and complete community users to capture all the probability is very small, but there are a number of services in the community, different people will become more realistic, focus on one industry, the vertical segment of the SNS community, is undoubtedly the most promising.

Comsenz President Dai Zhikang said, including Discuz, UCHome, roaming (Manyou) open platform, including a variety of products are a series of tools for the webmaster service. Tools like screwdriver, do what kind of site is determined by the webmaster, do something good or bad, and most of the webmaster resources and operational capacity has a great relationship." UCenter Home in the upcoming 2, Dai Zhikang’s comments, undoubtedly set is 2, the UCenter Home is a tool, is to encourage a variety of webmaster build vertical segments of the SNS community, for those resources and operation ability of the owners, will be able to get from the cracks in the survival of large Internet Co.

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