Shopping atmosphere is the core advantage of e commerce website can not be copied

in the capital frenzy sometimes makes people lose ideal, we all dream to become the next " or " Groupon" " Amazon;, by constantly waving money put a huge amount of advertising, in exchange for the speed of leading, scale of the leading e-commerce industry has become the most Chinese burn industry, short after the passion, to analyze how to make a lot of money in exchange for the temporary in the speed and scale of lead is maintained, how to settle the user become loyal users.

once asked what is the advantage of other electricity providers, e-commerce website is the most important? Get the answer is "flow"? Asked, why has the most Chinese maximum in the flow of Baidu but the "ah" business as three, to finally have to transition. If the flow is the core of e-commerce, I believe that Baidu has the ability to have ah to build beyond Taobao, beyond pat became China’s largest e-commerce platform. But it is the opposite, ah yes at the beginning of the formation of passive everywhere, so that Baidu had to re comb their e-commerce strategic positioning. So, the flow is not the core part of the electronic commerce website, Jingdong or mall, VANCL, Dangdang certainly do Tencent, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other original giants ready flow portals, they are not only willing to act as the role of the media.

if you eliminate the flow theory, it was immediately thought of users. More and more users, which means that the potential shopping crowd. Therefore, the user base has become one of the most important advantages of e-commerce website another explanation. Although there is some truth, but personally think is not the core. If the number of users is the core strengths, then why Tencent willing to become a pat on the second millennium, Taobao and Taobao have pressed, with the distance between not gradually pull small, but constantly widening. If the user base is the most important, with the Tencent more than 900 million users can easily beat Taobao, pat for electronic commerce should also behoove industry leader, it is not the case, it is only because Taobao first entered the market than pat? Or that the market first recognized Taobao? Obviously not, then, traffic and user base not constitute a reason for e-commerce sites can not be copied advantage, what is the core of the electronic commerce website of


if Mr Tang Jun’s success can be replicated, then the Jingdong Liu Qiangdong, where the old Li Guoqing’s success is successful, Dangdang can not copy. If success can be copied, why the huge market Chinese only one Jingdong, a customer, a Dangdang, even only a Taobao. Hand holding a lot of capital and venture capitalists can spend money to buy traffic to unscrupulous users is not overnight can rebuild a Jingdong, recreating a guest, recreating a Taobao. If so, I believe that Ma can not sleep at night. Obviously, the success of e-commerce can not be copied, every successful e-commerce site must have their own protective film, this layer of protective film on the purchase of e-commerce companies can not be copied. What is this protective film?

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