Jingdong rural electricity supplier VS Ali rural electricity supplier Liu Qiangdong and Ma who is d

last week, Liu Qiangdong in a public event said, "last year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Inspection online agricultural electricity supplier, found a platform 80% of the agricultural means of production are false, as the son of a farmer saw very sad". Then he was Tucao in another activity, many electricity providers are under the banner of rural electricity supplier banner, cheat local government subsidies.

Liu Qiangdong from Zhongguancun started the counter, the counter attack of the grass root people experience, will be his full of positive energy of the infection, and the "farmer’s son, Liu Qiangdong, in addition to an emotional card," exposure "to do their own farmers business ambitions.

in mid April this year, Liu Qiangdong with Jingdong group vice president level above dozens of executives, went to Hebei County, Guan rural electricity supplier market research, and held a live seminar in Guan County village. After the meeting announced the Jingdong rural electricity supplier "3F strategy": industrial products into the rural Table (Factory to Country); rural financial strategy (Finance to Country); fresh electricity supplier strategy (Farm to).

tall on the "3F" strategy needs to be down to earth’s interpretation, the tiger sniffing boils down to: industrial village strategy — home appliances, 3C digital and other related products sold to the countryside; rural financial strategy around the rural areas and farmers carry out credit, payment, financial management, raise public Internet Financial services; fresh electricity supplier the strategy of using "agricultural town" is more appropriate.

Ali earlier in the Jingdong in the layout of rural electricity supplier, Taobao in 2003 after the birth of a generation of Guangdong gathered in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the formation of Township – village Taobao Taobao venture. 2012, Taobao and Suichang County People’s government signed China’s first strategic cooperation agreement with Taobao and the county government, and then derived from the Suichang model". October 2014, announced the launch of the thousand counties village plan". Recently, the State Council Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment to accelerate the development of rural electricity supplier news release, Ali also dished out the wisdom of the countryside concept.

although Liu Qiangdong and Ma rural electricity supplier on the implementation of the program is different, but are around industrial products (net goods) to the countryside, agricultural products into the city and rural finance in three directions. Two of them in the rural electricity supplier strategy on who is more down to earth? (at the end of the paper, there are eggs ~ ~


industrial products (net goods) to the countryside: Jingdong help bar on the village Amoy partner

according to the sixth national census, China’s rural population of about 674 million people, accounting for the total population of 50.3%. Over the past 10 years, the domestic electricity supplier have focused on cultivating the city consumer market segment, mainly to city law users population with one hand, on the other hand, city residents can quickly accept online shopping. But now Jingdong, Ali are faced with a second tier cities user growth saturated situation, naturally eyeing the rural consumer market.

electricity supplier penetration of the rural consumer market, all electricity suppliers are facing rural shopping habits did not form, >

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