Alibaba world B2B King Road

throughout the world of the Internet, the five foot separation: a cross media platform headed by AOL B2C, Amazon is a typical C2C, represented by Ebay, the portal to YAHOO, B2B on behalf of Alibaba is a reputation all over the world. The past 99 years, Ma Yun said the Alibaba prototype in Asia e-commerce conference, with Amazon’s Bezos boss split to 03 years to build this epoch-making significance of the Taobao website, to 04 years, the Alipay platform was born, to become the enterprise in the world today distributed within the scope of the Internet, the Alibaba’s behavior are the style of the king. As for the small and medium-sized enterprises Chinese negative Ma year service heroic utterance.

in March 1999, the establishment of Alibaba, Ma Yun’s e-commerce theory has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, B2B marketing model to maximize the degree of recognition. After just a few years time, B2B more than and 300 B2B network market raging like a storm, on the same stage, is the emergence of intelligent network platform, such as the strength of these, however, did not shake the status of a brother of B2B Alibaba. But after ten years, the Alibaba realized on the platform of B2B about 32000000 registered "network business", China led the small and medium-sized enterprises, the economic crisis of the cold break blockade, growth for the system of electronic commerce service platform of the world’s largest.

Ma Yun once said that when an Asian e-commerce conference, Amazon back is a big company, and the Alibaba after returning home, has repeatedly in the brink of death, some of the competitors of the game, a few funds to the end of hills and rivers point, but no matter how difficult, the deduction is not a Alibaba live the miracle, but a king broke through nine days of rebirth feat! 99 years only 20 employees, 30 Alibaba, struggling in the narrow four bedroom, shocked went to an interview with BusinessWeek magazine.

in 2000, the financial crisis, the most difficult time in the Internet, Alibaba back to China, the headquarters of the withdrawal from Shanghai, Hangzhou, the real thing, to give up the domestic market. Support Ali’s belief was always a sense of mission! Alibaba believes that the world is not difficult to do business, as long as the sense of mission in. The world’s largest general electric enterprise GE, has achieved this is because hundreds of years ago their corporate mission is to make the whole world shine! They do, also means that the success of the GE enterprise and Alibaba! Mission is to help small and medium enterprises to go abroad Chinese! On this mission, the Alibaba adopted more humane management, the staff training in the first place! So that employees can find common values in the Alibaba, and then we move in a direction to


can be said that the Alibaba in a Chinese painting of B2B road and

with no predecessors!!

advanced professional management, first into the advantage, participate in the distribution, to maintain neutrality and listing financing, as the world’s largest B2B site, Alibaba attracted a lot of competitors

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