Traditional electric shock the boss is more important than the operating team

according to statistics, in 2012 the annual Chinese e-commerce market as a whole transaction size of 8 trillion and 100 billion yuan, representing an increase of 27.9% in 2011, compared with the same period growth of 32.8% in 2011. 2012Q4 e-commerce market overall transaction size 2 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 16.2%, an increase of 27.5%. After entering the 2013 e-commerce performance is extremely hot, Ali built electricity supplier ecosystem, micro-blog version of the introduction of the Taobao, the electricity supplier to try every aspect of the new way of payment…… The industry is undergoing tremendous changes in the speed of fission. So, as one of the pillars of the economy of traditional enterprises should be on the "shock" on the agenda?

we see, especially in this year’s "6.18 price war", small and medium enterprises get together into the traditional electricity supplier industry more positive attitude, and even many large-scale enterprises such as Suning and Gome are already taking big steps on the road to the electricity supplier, electricity supplier is big cake, but this share is not easy. As a special offer full e-commerce solutions to enterprises GuanJiaPo Electronic Commerce (366ec) in service in 50 imprisoned thousands of small and medium enterprises experience, has a unique view of the traditional enterprise electric shock. 366ec general manager Wang Hao believes that the success of the traditional enterprise electric shock, the boss as the helm has a more important role than the operating team.

Wang Hao analysis: "failure cases are common features in the traditional enterprise boss will often summon wind and call for rain, the traditional strategy is directly transferred to the online platform, due to differences in consumer behavior, and ultimately ended in failure. Traditional enterprise electric shock, must be precise positioning, open source and throttling. Business transformation is inevitable, but is not accidental, in the enterprise is not ready before should not wantonly extravagant advertising, rely on the burn electricity supplier era has become history. At present, the traditional enterprises do not attach importance to the electricity supplier, try, one of the three kinds of attitude to promote electric shock is bound to fail. The traditional home appliance giant Suning Appliance in e-commerce because it is better than the United States, to cater to the tastes of consumers, to seek a word – "


Wang Hao think the boss is the soul of enterprise of electric shock, should be properly handled in the following three aspects, the traditional enterprise "electric shock" can be a.

one is power support. Traditional business owners are often put in love the successful experience of traditional enterprise accumulation, wholly intact transferred to the e-commerce business, due to geographical, consumer groups, marketing difference, operation strategy also needs to have the corresponding adjustment. Fully responsible for the electricity supplier is particularly important decentralization.

two is financial support. Different from the traditional business enterprise, need time to establish a trust relationship with consumers and the needs of users running, often in the early implementation, the boss required return is greater than or equal to the output return for a long time will lose patience.

three is a firm stand. Traditional business and e-commerce business collision, benefit sharing is one of the important reasons for the success or failure of the boss to firm position, when necessary