Enterprises should use the nternet to find customers

enterprises to find customers in what way the Internet? Or from the website optimization and network marketing of traditional ideas is to say, this is also a lot of people answer, to find more customers need to optimize the product, need to do a station outside the station and promotion work. For example, the title of the product page, the quality of information, release frequency and so on, such as in the station to promote the main focus on such a large platform Alibaba, outside the station to focus on the promotion of promotion on the internet.

right? No wrong, not to mention the traditional enterprise, is the site’s optimization and promotion is probably such a train of thought: the content of the website, website optimization, outside the station promotion. But it is not specific. Here 37 network from the perspective of customer demand, how to find customers online, right?

is a simple word, potential customers where, where is your focus; as mentioned above, optimization of product information in the platform, do the station promotion, this is a common way to attract people attention, but is not the way to find customers. Looking for customers is that you take the initiative to find (before), how to find potential customers like to stay on the network platform, and then tap the filter. The workload is not small, mainly tedious, boring.

find the customer is not the nets, but pay attention to accurate customer. For example, so and so on the micro-blog fans tens of thousands, but are precise customers?. Most of them are just a concern, you can not count on the precise customer, generally do not produce value. Your product or service the needs of customers is what person? What characteristics? In fact do find some website the time of diagnosis, we often find the way customers are the lack of analysis of products and user habits, in fact, we need to understand the potential customers in what platform. According to the circumstances, the general population gathered in the professional website, vertical sites, community forums, circles, groups and other places. Of course, there are some public platform is also a crowd gathered, the same can be excavated here, of course, a little lower accuracy. In addition to these, there is a competition is your best example of learning. Look at how they do, where you have seen their ads, you learn to learn more, sum up their own way to promote their sales. For example, if you sell dresses, then in the B2B platform for apparel, women friends circle vertical websites and forums, popular platforms such as search engine platform, micro-blog and other social platforms can of course, is the need for further subdivision of your domain users. You see any platform, as long as there is popularity, there are promotional advertising. What other people do, they learn how to do.

againconcrete, in what way to find customers? You can use the product information, shopping with vertical forum, with the classification of information, blog marketing, analysis of customer needs by using index, website optimization, SEO way, using social networking platform for customers the way, by email, by way of interaction, with multiple mining mode……

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