From the shoe attack Bush to the site to talk about soft writing

            webmaster circle, cannot do without the promotion of soft paper, this seems to be a demand of the times; the promotion of products, promote cannot do without the soft; this seems to be a shortcut to this era; the spread of celebrities, cannot do without the soft the advance, this seems to be the rule of the times……

recently, the Ministry of commerce should perfect network, I was soft writing training for the company during this period, talked about the time to pay attention to the use of "news" theme, also talked about a lot between how to use compelling "news" to realize the soft promoting effect, in this, with the help of "shoe Bush" event on a talk about the soft news is how to combine the hope to the Webmaster Help


first, look at the news content: in December 14, 2008, the Iraqi journalist with Edie at the conference on Bush to throw his shoes, and shouted insults Bush. This is the case, for this event, without any correction. We write soft in time to be a support to the line, the line.

then, to determine the wiring. This is the key to write soft! The choice of wiring that you want to promote products. If you want to promote a game, only this time as a FLASH game, you can edit directly to the event, I remember when you played some shooting or other similar games, can be modified only slightly. If you want to promote the perfect station, in common, then can find perfect Adsense station and shoes at the time of the attack Bush, can be positioned on the attackers, because these two can be understood as "to make themselves known in one side, as for how to make sentences, depending on personal preferences, this don’t make the thorough discussion.

some people may ask, I want to promote a product can not? The answer is yes, then we illustrate the promotion of "VM host", first say a host the VM roughly, this is a perfect by Wuhan Network Services Limited launched similar to the VPS virtual server, management mode like the VPS, but the performance is slightly higher than that of VPS. and the shoe at Bush’s public point is innovation, can come to write some content from the perspective of innovation.

seize the opportune moment the webmaster should immediately use this event to write some soft text to the president of the United States, in order to achieve the purpose of the website or product promotion. This needs to be reminded that with the choice of open wire must be careful, don’t try to use a piece of soft Wen to promote all the products or projects, or will be less effective.

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