Adsense how to use Baidu know promotion website

use Baidu know to promote their site is the webmaster commonly used means, Baidu know the weight of the second only to Baidu encyclopedia, and easy to operate, interactive, the effect is very good. With the promotion of Baidu know the spread of Baidu constantly revised the first set, is expected to solve the time, then the adoption of the answer cannot be answered, even after the reference frame is removed, it can be said now Baidu know promotion more and more well done, when the position of the webmaster never never give up, know the webmaster also tired after the revision of new tactics. Ebs Xiao Bian also share a few points on the promotion of Baidu know a few tips, we welcome the exchange of experience, together with progress!

IP, a number of those questions here about, mainly talk about the revised Baidu know how to do, to answer a small series of practices are summarized into three points: 1, using pictures, put you to promote the content with the form of the picture show, so you can avoid a lot of sensitive words, by the rate is very high, it is also a kind of skill before work, can explain some collocation of the text, but note that sensitive words, will reduce or pass rate. 2, the use of accessories, the first answer should be made in the form of documents, the production of documents according to the needs of the promotion, with the text ibid. 3, to win, know to adopt the answer time, so to answer questions, find the problem to answer, the answer is adopted before the strong, of course the best answer related to oneself, or to bring bad influence to promote.

About Baidu know, now title at least four words, forty-nine words, how to grasp this title is very important, my approach is to extract keywords, problems around the keywords proposed, to ensure that this gets the highest weight keywords. The title written do not rush to submit, you can do five steps: 1, add 1499 characters, you can play, put the key words, also can put links; 2, pictures, pictures can explain the problem, also can promote your website directly, but to pay attention to the size; 3, place the label, add a location label, can be beneficial to search and classification, depending on the situation; 4, classification, choose the correct classification is very important, a direct impact on your promotion effect; 5, increase the reward, reward, not only can get more attention and reply, said ranking is also good.

Of course, there is also a form of

, that is to answer the question and answer, there are a lot of skills, there is no detail, the next release written up to share with you, About Baidu know the answer and ask Xiao Bian can only share so much, I hope a little help to the webmaster friends.

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