You need to know several marketing dead

someone in a few hundred words can bring millions of clicks, people can get tens of thousands of words of procrastination is just a paper of infamy, the worst is cursed doesn’t exist a piece of cloud.

in marketing to explore ways, there are still people all touch not clear it, someone accidentally, frequently reach the peak of perfection but still can not control the marketing is successful.

for a receiving thousands of people sought after playfully "marketing", not easy to succeed, but it is not so difficult to avoid failure.

look at several marketing dead, perhaps you need to know.

1, there is no channel content

is not afraid of deep alley are many, but in the Internet era, which has not said to have a "wine can only Xiangpiao million in the alley. The competition is too big, too much junk in the alley, the rapid spread of the network in the wine you have not had time to go out with a dazzling fragrance, marketing products are hat has been brought to the table, then, is no longer a place to live in your The wine cups passed freely.

a good wine marketing team is not only to linger in the alley, they might to various restaurants, all appreciate this wine delicious restaurant…… Only a chance to survive.

2, there is no content content

there is a counterexample, with strong resources and channels, but the content is insufficient. Is not good enough, but the lack of content. For example, a restaurant, the flagship of the three dishes is very good, but the other dishes is not a color, will retain the number of users of


so, before giving a successful marketing, you still need to pay attention to what they have, and other content can hold up your good channel.

3, forget the beginning of the heart

In order to catch up with the new

, in order to catch up with the trend of the era of marketing, with strong resources altogether aired, money burning a fame, let the star effect quickly occupied your senses, when a product has a hot money to win people in the fast eye at the same time, if there is no one a clear positioning, let a user really keep in mind, one can use the value of marketing success spread to the user of the product concept. Even if your marketing is hot all over the world, what can you do?

effective rate of poor marketing, often less effective, if we study its nature, it was found that the marketing only looks gorgeous, but never will be linked to product concept and marketing real, the end is a chance to earn money and the exposure of the star effect, or just to provide the


4, too exaggerated

pace is too easy to pull on the meat, when the marketing gimmick was boasting about the too powerful, between the content and the publicity of the gap is too large, we often face the marketing rule is: as also Xiao Xiao loser.


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