Love hits Xue Yongkang what does Cookie mean for online marketing

Xue Yongkang (Love Click iClick CEO and co-founder)


in the Cookie concept, need to first introduce the current network marketing categories, the first category is referred to as the SEM second search promotion, search engine optimization is referred to as SEO, the third is display advertising, the fourth category is the fifth email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing is sixth.

mobile marketing and subdivided into the following categories: the first is the display of advertising on the APP application, the second is displayed on the mobile web advertising, mobile search is the promotion of the third.

in all of the above categories of network marketing, in addition to the mobile operator’s APP application, each involves the need to call Cookie. There are two cases, online marketing activities need to call Cookie Technology:

first, if the marketing activities of the effect brought by (such as shopping), will not happen immediately when users click on the ads after the general Cookie will be used for tracking the user in a fixed period of time after clicking on internal advertisers website activities. This form is used to calculate the effect of advertising, does not involve personal information or preferences collection.

second, another case is mainly used in the planning process of display advertising. In order to achieve the effect of advertising budget indicators, marketing companies will first collect some samples of data for individual user behavior to determine the orientation of advertising. In the collection of data samples with different number of marketing companies have different methods, but because the transformation path of complete collection of user is very difficult, and involves huge operating costs, so most of them just use a small amount of sample, and then through the technical method to determine potential target users to flow to the budget allocation.

to track the behavior of users in APP applications, you can only use User ID, Apple’s system is using UDID, while Android is Android_ID. The User ID is usually a bunch of numbers and letters of the English mixture, such as 2b6f0cc904d137be2e1730235f5664094b831186., and each mobile terminal will have a unique ID number.

this code is of special significance for game developers, because it can pass the ID to download an application of a – for example, he is not to see the game advertising in another application and is attracted to download, or he just because a friend recommended download games will be able to get this data? Developers more wisely spent their advertising budget.

in the marketing industry, Cookie is necessary for advertisers and the media.

first said advertisers. In a simple example to illustrate: as an electricity supplier advertisers, in order to attract traffic, respectively, in three sites on the cast of $ten thousand advertising, the results of your traffic

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