Small and medium sized enterprises new media marketing

with the gradual development of the network platform, the rapid development of the electronic business platform, coupled with the gradual consumption of people’s online shopping, online shopping crowd is on the rise, the online shopping crowd will be more than 200 million. Not only in the electronic business platform, the network has become a social networking platform for the group of young people rely on. Whether at work, entertainment, leisure and so on any occasion, people can be seen everywhere in micro-blog, WeChat, social platform in the shuttle, this situation has become a part of the young population in life.


, the people around us, on the way to work, eat, rest of my spare time in micro Xin, micro-blog view of entertainment news and other related information, because of this, many enterprises "marketing mode transformation from traditional marketing to new media marketing, marketing target glued to the network as a platform" the new media will "do", there is indeed a lot of new media enterprises "marketing fast, income is not shallow, but there are still many enterprises in the use of the new media marketing perplexed. In particular, small and medium enterprises, at the beginning of the feeling that the new media marketing is a new marketing model, the new media has a lot of vision. But in real time operation but feel very hard to put, but the conversion rate is low, basically no what too big effect, empty. Everyone knows that the network of new media marketing is good, but really good with very little.

some time ago on the Internet to see some of the new media marketing report, is about the 90 after the college students entrepreneurial team, consisting of new media marketing team. The "new media" marketing team after careful planning and promotion again, finally several enterprises accepted their "new media" marketing, they agreed to "new media packaging" for its products, including food and beverage, educational institutions, baby supplies, recreational and other types of enterprises. Statistics show that these companies in the development of new media marketing, traffic has nearly 20% growth. Many guests are forwarded through the Internet to find the merchant micro-blog.

seems the case, we feel that the "new media" marketing is not what is micro-blog, Xin and other micro community platform use, in fact, a tight buckle which requires a variety of links, each link to the details, in the Blue Ocean network and consumer in-depth exchanges, promotional content enterprise’s target consumer demand.

think, why small and medium enterprises "new media" marketing will encounter bottlenecks?

as the saying goes: professional to do the professional thing, a very simple truth. Small and medium enterprises basically no professional new media or network marketing staff, where do new media marketing is not good, the reason is the lack of appropriate professionals. In the small and medium-sized enterprises responsible for new media marketing personnel uneven, most of the lack of knowledge and professional experience, and even some basic marketing personnel not only the boss, with many years of experience in the operation of the market, its operation level as can be imagined.

we can see

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