How to develop the new station’s successful novice website

in writing this article, I believe that the novice is still on his new station how to develop and worry, in fact, I like everyone, just started to engage in the site, the problem is also a difficult to spare me.

I was a grassroots webmaster is a member of the new station, confused, do not understand many aspects of the site, can be said to have no experience to experience, technology not technology, may we will say, to those who did not know what that money is the last word, in fact, I just started also think so, think the hanging sleeve in the online program, put ads on the line, in fact, I want a simple, perhaps in the early days of the Internet, this model can maintain for a period of time living, because after all that time many portals we need grassroots support, as at the time of Baidu included a new station, every day we only need to do what? Not every day just to add some content in their own online update, then you can put ads, then only waiting for Baidu to us With the flow, the flow of money can be. But now than at the time, the development of the Internet has been more perfect, the portal has gradually grown up, too many people involved, accompanied by cruel, fierce competition. This means that we should not be confined to fool the management of website, we rely on what development is mentioned before the promotion of experience and technology, and think a little more important support, Guizaijianchi!

if there are people obsessed with that day update, busy all day will be the site of the beautification of the words, I can only say that you stand a few months and no one will come, my station is a good example, are engaged in the movie station from the line so far more than a month every day update beautify the site, but in the end is not a few people to enjoy, so I want to say if you want to make their own stand people, you must take good promotion. This has been confirmed by a little bit of my learning. Thus, to remind the novice webmaster friends to do a good job is to promote the middle.

When it comes to the promotion of

, I personally tried several methods, but also initial results, and now some useful ways to share with you.

1 in the diglog, recommend your article zhuaxia and functions of website, if your article is good, to the front row to bring traffic is quite considerable


forum in the promotion of the site, useful point of mind, do not direct advertising. It is better to start a topic that will lead to a heated discussion (no one can say that you can’t make it yourself).

2 Baidu post bar, ask it. Find the relevant post bar, like the forum to promote. Ask, find the relevant topic, answer back to your website.

3 with RSS promotion, to introduce you to RSS, subscribe to many people, the chance of turning back will be much larger.

4 to find a forum with you related to cooperation, not necessarily to find each site’s advertising department or webmaster, >

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