Method for promoting website standing rod to see shadow

for a new site how to promote it, it is worth pondering let you novice webmaster, often think about why the new site will go so fast on the promotion of their own site, why not always people to browse, why always extended but not necessarily successful, this is because most of the webmaster didn’t choose the method, I’ll introduce several commonly used means of promotion I hope for everyone today, some confused webmaster help.

first: soft Wen promotion

I think for some novice webmaster, soft Wen is a concept of what it actually is to generalize the soft experience and practice their written articles, and then in the article to your own site links, contribute to each big Adsense network, waiting for the administrator to review, when the audit is successful, then your article will have the opportunity to be reproduced, of course, your article should have readability.

second: Forum promotion

said the Forum promotion, in fact you are doing every day, just means the wrong way and many webmaster love a registered forum, and then stop to the top of the top posts, this approach may you only want the chain only, but as the promotion must own post, must pay attention to the title, the Title to attract people and will someone click, when someone clicks on the inside, then your Forum promotion is a half success.

third: mail promotion

the promotion in foreign countries is very popular, send some promotional articles every day, cause a lot of waste, but this kind of mail promotion way for sales have very big effect, of course for the promotion of website can also achieve good results, but pay attention to control.

fourth: Q & a promotion

this promotion is also recently come up, many webmaster use this way to do sales, as in Baidu know, answer, every day there are one hundred thousand, or even millions of people in question, so this place is worth to use, how to do that, the most simple method direct is the answer, it can effectively achieve the purpose of promotion.

fifth: QQ group promotion

use QQ users using QQ group to promote the too many to count, but also very early, just the QQ group promotion is need some skills, because you direct advertisers or URL, then you may be kicked out of the group main group, so the propaganda when we must first with the user in the group. And then slowly spread, so the effect is slow, but the rewards are very considerable.


above is my common promotion, though not what cheats like, then the effect is very good, when you are in for the promotion of new sites and trouble, you may be carried out in accordance with the above promotion, of course website promotion or perseverance, never mad today promotion day, tomorrow a rest day.

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