China’s nternet anxiety the next step to copy what


become CEO Senior Product Manager or because of high rank slowly away from the user, blindly imitate the function become the norm, the product manager should never forget is the most close to the user, the user may only return, innovation can continue.

today’s headlines this year is the media which a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, don’t mention it, it is not objective.

and it has done only one thing in the past four years: let the 66 million users spend about 76 minutes a day watching news and video.

in China, to see a product is not successful, there is a way, is to see if you would like to copy you, this point of view today’s headlines, it is simply too successful.


from left to right in turn is a public comment, UC headlines, WiFi master key, mobile thunder

in addition to his bet "content", China current products, including the degree of homogeneity of the function has reached alarming levels. Everyone is a product manager has now evolved into a functional manager for everyone, the product has become a "all today’s headlines", "each is a live platform".

today in China, we have countless "today’s headlines", a "Alipay", even a "WeChat", in the USA, why we rarely have rushed to make a Facebook, a Twitter, a PayPal


now a variety of reasons, it is certainly not the American habit of innovation, after all, Zhang Xiaolong opened the conference in the country’s influence is not inferior to apple, based on such a phenomenon, this paper attempts to explain some of the reasons behind from the perspective of product innovation, welcome all comments.

first, the higher the permeability, the less chance left to the opponent

in addition to daily live month, the market penetration index in recent years, more and more people are used to determine whether or not to cut into a market and imitate a product in the end there is no chance.

we can look at WeChat and Facebook. WeChat penetration in the city, the first tier cities penetration reached 93%, second tier cities of 69%. In the three to five line city, WeChat penetration rate of less than 50%, while Facebook almost ate 80% of American Internet users, the higher the permeability, the extent of products built barriers is higher, the less chance you will leave the opponent.

recently launched beauty group was exposed in the taxi business in Nanjing, at the beginning we do not know, but we can look at Liu Qing in last year’s Chinese internet conference speech see some clues. Liu Qing said the goal is not to look at the 38 million taxi industry in the market, but to see the penetration rate of only 1% of the market space, China’s urban population has a population of 800 million, each person out a day

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