4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng micro blog to disclose more than a collection of domain names

Cai Wensheng, chairman of 4399 games to disclose a number of domain names

  September 1st morning news, 4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng this morning at the Sina micro-blog (http://s.t.sina.com.cn) a plurality of collection and transfer of the domain name in the disclosure of customer. Among them, furniture, lamps, sanitary ware, cosmetic and other industry domain names are owned by Cai Wensheng.

Cai Wensheng is a well-known domain name investors. Starting in 2000, he started the domain name business. However, the early domain name investment makes him very frustrated. He has said in a number of public occasions, although he was registered in 2000, a lot of domain names, but no one to buy, no one to buy me a domain name, in 2000, I was a failure."

but in 2001 and then in the last two years, was the golden age of Cai Wensheng. He once said, "the world’s best domain name, as long as I want, I have been basically." According to him, his hand holds the domain name at least thousands of investment sites also reached hundreds. Compared to the industry is well-known, storm video, Internet Express, CNZZ, 58 city sites.

in addition, the transfer of domain names also make Cai Wensheng gains. According to Cai Wensheng micro-blog disclosure, the domain name of his transfer, including Baidu’s video site qiyi.com odd arts network, haozu.com good rental network, kaiqi.com open odd network, chinaagri.com China Grain and oil, jingju.com Beijing Opera and other domain names.

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