t is not easy to do the webmaster we do DC is not easy

      maternal! Forced by living, I am now the heart of the people who do you easily disgusted –IDC. (precisely to help a IDC work)

      don’t BS me, see me under the truth.

      are not easy to do the webmaster, do we do IDC is very easy?

      webmaster is not easy, this I really know, whether it is updated, or website system upgrade, the owner of the box hard ant. At 9 this morning, I have a friend QQ group in order to compile a night without sleep. We run these IDC business even more is the same, in the company, from the beginning to work on all eyes to sit in front of the computer, placed next to the phone; to go home at night, as long as the Internet is to wait to sleep after 12. Do not believe you look into a IDC, those who do not sell the black eye? In fact, do most of the sales are very young, wages are not high, if you do not work hard, a month is not enough to eat their own.

      say something else, we all say that IDC cheat Adsense, but we cheated when you know? Just like the day before, finally found a rented server to do SF, about half a day, do good new servers according to his request, and the bandwidth and so on, we should talk about to pay, the man jumped to the 7 day probation sentence! No words, direct pull black – a typical liar. It is this fool webmaster, (part, listen) server permissions of what they put in hand, and then to the super low prices to sell a good price for others, but also so low, I think the advantage, but the trial ended, we had IDC server to recover the…………

      when it comes to cheating, I still have a lot to say. It is not easy to make money owners, so money will save, but save money to save the place ah! "One price one point goods" this sentence is wrong no matter where. From the preparation of the server, labor costs, room management…… These come down, the price is not the same, some friends to buy a cheap feel bad, it began to blame us. To tell the truth some IDC is no conscience, has been fighting price war. You put up the quality service, the price is still high need someone.

      to discriminate, cough! The most painful thing. You webmaster friends, you again tired, no matter you have to make money, but no one scold you? We do these IDC is not the same, where to be regarded as pests. We do publicity to pull customers, in fact, or that several methods – post, advertise, QQ group. Talk to station

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