2012 the seventh annual meeting of the Chinese nternet owners held in Beijing

Admin5 webmaster network news, in April 7th, the seventh annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners in Beijing International Conference Center was successfully held in 2012. The conference to " by boat to seek development and win-win community cloud era " the core concept of employment sector and the webmaster about the hot topic discussed deeply, from all over the country more than four thousand owners participated in the general assembly. Conference, Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang, vice president Yuan Zhaojiang and Kang Sheng company laggards founder Dong Qinfeng jointly announced the official version of Discuz! X2.5 and cloud platform upgrade version of the official release, and declared "Discuz! Third open" arrival.


on the Internet in 2012 is fast, the new wave of mobile Internet and cloud computing has become the core of the agenda of the conference. Like the previous session of the general assembly as it chiefs gathered, star studded internet. Millet Lei Jun, founder of dangdang.com founder Li Guoqing, Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang, Innovation workshop chief operating officer Tao Ning, Jobs angel investor Li Zongnan, DCCI data center founder Hu Yanping, general manager of Tencent QQ space Zheng Zhihao, happy net founder Cheng Binghao and other guests on the Internet business, e-commerce, mobile Internet, social marketing, cloud computing and other current domestic Internet trends and topics of brilliant keynote.

the afternoon meeting agenda is arranged "win in the opening and integration of the trend through entrepreneurial platform", "win in mobile and cloud mobile Internet how to seize the opportunities and win in the focus on the local subdivision / vertical website operation practice and exploration of" three roundtable discussion session. Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang, Tencent micro-blog division general manager Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent, the Internet open platform of Lin Songtao Hong Bo, a longtime observer of Yima President Ke Xixing, CEO Ma Jie, security treasure Tencent micro-blog open platform leader Xu Zhibin and other guests to participate in the discussion, the interaction between the host and guest, webmaster of concerned local community operators and on the mobile Internet business, cloud computing and other topics of prospect shared many webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs are very valuable "dry cargo". In the afternoon the establishment of Internet products and innovation forum, Internet brand and marketing forum, the domain name & IDC Industry Development Summit Forum and the three branch field, is also a lively scene, and guests through the head round and interactive exchange of learning. Admin5 founder Wang in the domain name &, IDC industry and Development Forum keynote speech: from the point of view of the domain name and the value of the market. This paper analyzes the problems of how to invest in the domain name and the domain name market value.

the conference attracted hundreds of media reports, micro-blog on the wall and live video has become the venue of the most powerful information dissemination interactive way. Adsense network also made a live video coverage of the conference site, attracted more than five >

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