Taobao or disable service providers outside the chain library accused pseudo open


Taobao image space


] Taobao news billion state power began to feel strong more than shop sellers, and those who had hoped that by the third party service provider Taobao live.

, according to a photo storage service provider, who declined to be named, said Taobao is trying to strengthen the restriction on the third party image storage, which led the seller to use more Taobao image space.

in the recent stages often reflect the seller of Taobao, said to receive Taobao’s system tips, the use of our album can not be displayed in Taobao normal." The service provider to billion state power network, Taobao refers to being unable to display pictures, there is no quality problem, also showed no abnormality in the company on the server.

Taobao recommends pictures to move back to the Taobao


merchant received Taobao notification

so that the service provider is questioned, due to the asymmetry of information, Taobao only told the seller that the picture shows an exception, but does not disclose the specific reasons. In addition, Taobao also suggested that businesses immediately moved back to the official Taobao image space, and provides a picture of moving the way.

"Taobao now mostly such treatment: detection of Taobao merchant picture is not Taobao space, if not, whether normal or abnormal display, all that is not normal." The service providers bluntly, at this stage of any non Taobao image storage services will be prompted a similar situation.

billion state power network linked to the Taobao merchant used 51 albums and energy-saving, the customer service said the seller still support Taobao chain on the album space, there is no clear restriction.

, however, compared to the hundreds of thousands of users at each of the hundreds of thousands of orders for service providers, some small picture storage service providers are not so optimistic about the situation.

exclusive "Taobao is more and more strong, although there is no command to ban the use of third party services, not pressure, just have this tendency to let users move back to the Taobao album. But if there’s no way, there’s no way." An unnamed service business that was merchants can sell goods pictures to SkyDrive or other server album space, and the chain in the form of the Taobao online, but it is now.


the use of the chain of the picture is often broken figure

According to

billion state power network to understand, the so-called chain form, refers to the goods seller will upload pictures to the service provider’s picture space, then the background system picture link into the Taobao stores, thus completing the external image into Taobao, and display the process.

and the relative, Taobao picture space is the Taobao self-developed CDN system >

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