LETV clarify Ban said and take the initiative to stop selling TV box

in the SARFT regulation bans Qifenglengyu, LETV (300104, SZ) took the lead in "cold", the company’s share price fell for two consecutive days. Yesterday (July 17th) 19, LETV announcement to clarify that the media refers to music by general named "serious violations", cooperation and integration services license shall be suspended "that is inconsistent with the facts, the music is actively apply for Internet TV content license.

daily economic news reporter noted that yesterday afternoon, as the music box in the music as the mall quietly off the assembly line, the official website of the information displayed due to the shortage of suspended reservation. But industry insiders said that the sale of the reason is that the music box of the net selling behavior beyond broadcasting for selling a box of geographical restrictions, the music box or the active sale to radio and television shows. Music as a response, said the company is taking the initiative to cooperate with the Internet set-top box violations exist rectification, will strive to complete the rectification as soon as possible, as soon as possible to restore set-top box sales.

famous IT analysts believe that it reveals the regulation of broadcasting Internet TV box has been upgraded, the launch of TVOS system combined with radio and television the day before, the future of TV box will accelerate the unified platform to the broadcasting system, how to prevent Internet TV box back to the traditional set-top box worth thinking.

music was denied license side blocked

regulation by broadcasting on the Internet box upgrade, as well as the media rumors SARFT has verbally informed the 7 integrated service licenses, can no longer cooperate with the music network such as the impact of the news, following the July 16th LETV shares fell 9.75%, yesterday to continue to decline, as of the close, down 10.01%, at 32.65 yuan. The Shenzhen stock exchange trading data show that in July 16th, 17, 6 body seats sold two days cumulative shipments of 506 million yuan.

suffered heavy losses, LETV yesterday afternoon announcement that part of the media that LETV SARFT criticized corporate reports and facts SARFT told 7 integrated service licenses can no longer cooperate with the music network does not match. The company understand the regulatory authorities, as CCTV and the presence of irregularities and demanded rectification cooperation in Internet set-top boxes, other parties except CCTV license suspended during the rectification and LETV cooperation, pending completion of the rectification and acceptance of the license after the other party to continue cooperation with LETV normal.

at the same time, LETV said it is "the application of Internet TV content license, although regulators stopped on the Internet TV broadcasting licenses, but actively encourage institutions to meet the requirements to apply for Internet TV content service license. The company to solve the license issue, will actively under the guidance of the radio and television regulatory authorities, to take independent or joint radio and television system within the relevant units jointly apply for Internet TV content license."


said, the relevant policy requirements of regulatory authorities, the core is to clean up non-standard operators, follow the development of industry market, standardization requirements for the healthy development of the industry is a long-term positive, short-term market volatility is inevitable. The regulatory department

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